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Bloggers’ Event – Introducing Alpha NEX-5T from Sony

Sony Event Invite: Capture The World In Style With The Alpha NEX-5T from Sony


I was invited by Sony to a specially catered dinner session yesterday to introduce the new pocket sized Alpha NEX-5T. NEX-5T is an interchangeable lens camera that is great for smarter shooting and wireless sharing, especially for travelers on-the-go. The Sony Alpha NEX-5T costs only SGD999. Personally, I own a Nikon D5100 and Fujifilm X100S. I have always wanted to buy a Sony NEX camera because of its chic design. I love cameras but I am not good with it. Sony is loaning me this camera for a period of two weeks but I really hope they can give it to me for free instead. Hehe :p


The function that I like about this latest Sony Alpha NEX-5T is NFC. I connected my phone with the camera through NFC and photos taken through the camera can be saved in the phone. It can then shared via Facebook, Instagram and etc. How awesome right.



It was a specially catered dinner event at Kha. Kha is a thai restaurant, located at 38 Martin Road which is near to Roberson Quay.





Lovely ambience! Food was great! Two thumbs up!


Thank you SONY! ;D

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My second time to Magical Istanbul.

2013-08-12 12.23.41

2013-08-12 12.27.21

2013-08-12 12.29.46

2013-08-12 12.30.34

I have decided to color my hair black back. I love my hair brown but it has attracted too much attention especially when I am overseas.  I guess it is always good to stay low profile wherever you are in this world. Too much fun is not good for your mental health. I am still young and I have a long way to go. Don’t stay easy or stay cool. Stay serious as you progress with age.

Laughing is good but over laughing is not good. I love blogging and this is the best way to sort out my thoughts. I do not find it as a waste of time and I like to encourage people to go into blogging. Too much worries ain’t good. As time passes, my readership for my blog also increase. It is not very high but I am starting to worry for my personal safety. I am also getting paranoid with stalkers and I have no idea why I have been receiving messages from unknown numbers. Occasionally I get weird men/uncles/young boys coming up to talk to me. It feels like some form of bad luck.

Istanbul is a very holy place and people are really weird. The last thing you ever want to do in Istanbul is to take a cab. They drive as if they are driving ferrari or porsche. Taxi drivers seem like crazy horny men and I got grab by this taxi driver with his middle finger pointing at me. Istanbul is a very interesting, very magical, very holy place that you might go crazy if you have too much fun in this country.

It is definitely not safe for a woman to travel alone in this country. I was walking alone in a shopping mall and I got followed by 2-3 different men. They are pretty good looking chaps but it is very scary when you do not know what they want. If you want to drink coke in Istanbul, please pronounce it as cock-ca-cola and then they will understand.

Till then….again…

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Guest Post By Cliff Barre

Keep the Earth Clean and Try Traveling Green

Traveling away from home doesn’t mean you can’t continue to practice green initiatives. Following small tips and being conscious of the environment before and during travel can go a long way. The destination you choose also plays a large role on keeping your travels green.

Planning and Preparing

Go direct. Whichever local airport you choose, try to book a direct flight. I know that non-stop flights can be more expensive and sometimes are not available, but if you can find a fair priced non-stop flight or if it is in your budget to book one, than you should. The fewer flights, the smaller the carbon footprint you create from multiple takeoffs and landings. Direct flights also eliminate the chance of long layovers and saves from the hassle of switching flights.
Lugging tons of baggage with you produces stress. If the point of a trip is to get away from stress, then there’s not much point in packing stress with you. Keep it light, check the weather for your destination for the time you’re going, so you can pack one jacket instead of two, or leave the rain shoes at home. Lighter luggage = lighter planes and lighter planes = less fuel used to go the same distance.

During Your Trip

Once you land, you’ll probably be thinking about getting around on the ground. If you’re planning a stay at one of the outstanding resorts in the area, you may not need to rent a vehicle at all. Sharing an airport shuttle is painless way to save the planet. If you do opt to rent a vehicle, get the smallest one you can. Many rental agencies now offer hybrids and more fuel-efficient models. Even if you need a larger SUV for your family and their stuff, GMC offers a line of SUVs with hybrid power trains and gasoline engines.

Keep it local. Another important thing to consider while you’re there is that eating, shopping and buying locally not only supports local families and businesses but reduces the fuel consumed by transporting ingredients and merchandise from other towns, or even other countries. Seek out the restaurants that use local ingredients and recipes from their hometown. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you will get a better “taste” of that locations culture.

Green Destination

Upstate New York is a great alternative to a tropical vacation and also offers many green activities. Start at Destiny USA, located directly in Syracuse. Destiny USA is the largest green shopping mall in the world and is also LEED certified. They offer many unique shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences for all ages. If you’re looking to get outdoors head to the Finger Lakes, some of the worlds most beautiful and pristine lakes. The scenery is breathtaking and the outdoor activities are endless. Make sure you check out the wineries along the Finger Lakes that produce amazing wines for the tasting!

Another green destination to check out is the America’s number one greenest city, Portland, Oregon. When in Portland, rent a bike and cruise around the city, as it is a very bike-friendly community. Why not get a little exercise, go green, and sightsee all at the same time, right? Other must-sees include the Saturday Market, Lan Su Chinese Garden, the Oregon Zoo, and Oregon Museum of Science and Industry among so many other wonderful attractions.

Keep in mind that traveling green is not a hard thing to do. Follow these easy steps and watch your carbon footprint become lighter every mile you travel!

Flower from Lan Su Garden fingerlakes wineries

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Guest Post by Matthias Tay

Hey Irene

It has been my pleasure to be your avid reader. The content you bring to people, gives the public a rare chance to share a beautiful and yet real perspective to what each countries should be looking like. So far I had a very enjoyable journey of imagination from the pictures and your personal touch of description of each places you provided. It always somehow makes me feel like looking forward to your next travel destinations planned out for you. Please keep it with the good sharing of other countries, Irene’s style only.

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Matthias tay Zhihong Beer Distributor | The Sober Horse Thief  Sales and Marketing Executive | Beyond Events

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Guest Post by Louise Tan, Nouvelle Marketing Solutions



I get to know such an interesting sweet girl today. She is active, talkative, interesting, adorable and most of all, very cheerful and lively! I feel she is someone who brings out the joys in others which probably have been buried in one’s heart – either because that person has no chance to express it or haven’t found the ways to enjoy the joys and happiness one could have.

I was working on a proposal for my friend and that aroused her curiosity and inspiration to ask if I am interested to join her for business.  She then shared with me her dreams.  From the exciting chat, we realised that my firm, Nouvelle Marketing Solutions, could probably help her to achieve what she would like to do.  Indeed a remarkable evening!

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We went to CAMBRIDGE, but I think I am from Oxford. OH Do “I”?



Hello World! Time flies, isn’t it…and it has been more than a week since I last update my blog. I know the last post on my Paris trip really freaks people out and especially my friends. I am not exactly okay but I am still surviving so please don’t worry for me, k? It will only make me feel worse and you can help me by treating me like I am normal. My horoscope sign is Gemini and people born under Gemini are extremely egoistic. I believe that I a woman who can take care of myself. I don’t like to listen to lectures and I prefer to learn things through the hard way. And only that, I will learn. Oh well…that’s IRENE for you. :)


Actually…I am really tired cos I have not slept for the past 48 hours but I really want to finish up this post. I want to blog down my feelings and at the same time, this helps to keep my emotions in check. I haven’t been sleeping well, eating well, feeling well…etc…but here I am typing out this post is to make a promise to myself that I wanna treat myself better. I am not single and neither do I feel that I am in a relationship . So..I guess that means I am in a complicated relationship? Lol. The two of us are in a confused and indecisive state and I think that happens in a Gemini-Gemini relationship when both parties have extreme egos and high pride. We won’t bow down to any one or to any situations. We can lose anything but we can’t afford to lose ourselves. If we ever lose ourselves, it means the end of us. It is scary! Neither one of us has the guts to do something so I just gonna take this as a “term break” before we come into a conclusion. I will just let him do whatever he wants and I will do whatever I want too. If we are meant together, we will be back together and I won’t force things to go my way. Yes, I love him but I need to love myself more. The way he treats me hurts me but the way I am hurting myself hurts even me even more.













I am from CORPORATE learning centre. Sorry for the errors. :D

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Zurich LONG TIME ago.


Oh wow! It is another week again since I last update my blog! I thought I will blog pretty often last month but I only managed to write 2 posts. I still have not blogged about my trip to Penguin Island, Versailles and Cambridge. I really want blog about it before I forget the details but right now, I felt like blogging more about my thoughts and emotions.

I just came back from Zurich two days ago. Met up with a friend and we went swimming at Lake Zurich. This was my first time swimming outdoor in overseas! I was very enthusiastic to swim and I only realized that I couldn’t swim very swim after I jumped into the lake. My friend had to pull me up just like how we did during our safety training. I really thought I gonna drown and it was so embarrassing. Nevertheless, I felt quite great about myself cos I am building up my courage day by day.

This is the only photo I gonna post about my Zurich trip. I lost my Fujifilm X100s charger and the photos I took with my Samsung S4 are not nice at all. We wanted to jump off the platform but it rained when we came back to do the jump. I will have the courage to jump one day. I don’t want to let fear to overpower me and stop me from doing things that I always wanted. I want to skydive and scuba dive. I have great fear for heights and the ocean but I am learning to overcome all these fears.

I am coping pretty well with the heartache. Maybe I am learning how to expect less from others and love myself more. People are not obligated to treat you well and it is a bonus if they do. I really appreciate those who treat me well sincerely and I glad that I have friends who are there when I needed them. There will be some who will tell you happiness is more important than anything and you should do things with an unclear mind cos you will feel happier that way. Let me tell you… These are probably the people you need to keep a distance from. This is just short-term happiness and you will suffer from the bad decisions you have made.

I think I look a little different compared to one month plus ago. I think I look a little better… a little slimmer… a little darker… a little fitter… I have already checked off all the list which I blog last week. I did my eyelash extension and also navel piercing!

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Lemon Tree by Ms Tea Leaf

I’m sitting here in the boring room

It’s just another boring Sunday night
I’m saving my time
I got nothing to do
I’m typing around
I’m waiting for YOU, Dear MASTER J.
But did something ever happen and I wonder why.. why.. Why….

Da dee dee da… Isolation.. I dont wanna stand on the Lemon tree cos I can sit on the “APPLE” tree. It is just another BANANAnanana tree.


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