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My little confused mind (Part 1)

More than 3 years ago, I was in Zurich, Switzerland enjoying my life and staying in a 4-star hotel Crowne Plaza Zurich. My life was pretty good and comfortable back then with the constant flow of income I get from my flying career.

If I were to compare THEN and NOW, I would say that there is a drastic difference and I am getting used to it. ***frustrated sigh*** Though I have been thinking of how I can explore alternatives to make it better.. Like what will be my next career choice or what I can do to earn more money by doing less.

So… Recently, my friend /batchboy came to message me which I hate to admit I still think of him sometimes.. This is the friend I was in Switzerland with and it reminded me of my blog post as well as the crazy time we spent together. I was taken by surprise that how he could still remember it so well.. I guess there are some memories that are forever etched and stand still in the mind. Be it good or bad.. And at times, human beings can make foolish or unsound mistakes. Either you like it or not..

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Ladies Night at F Club 

19 October 2016 (Wednesday) 

It was Wednesday again and it also meant LADIES NIGHT~

The annoying yet adorable sister asked me out to go clubbing with her. I do not mind accompanying her since I have rested so much.

**Disclaimer: I am not a hardcore partygoer or do I like to engage in any reckless behavior.

And so.. The first 300 ladies to arrive at F Club get to receive a booklet of 12 drinks coupons (9pm to 1am)

Random strangers that we took photos with 😅

Woah.. Guess who I spotted? Noah Yap! 😄



Address: 3B River Valley Road #01-08, The Foundry, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179021

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 Day 6 of Nepal

9 September 2016 (Friday


My sunburnt duck face and charred lips (Note to self: Step up on skincare routine and slap on some sunscreen!)

Did my checkout and also had the hotel staff to help me book a taxi to Pokhara Airport.


Pokhara Airport

Reached the airport too early which I should have just continued to stay longer in the hotel room.. 


During the check-in process, I was told by the ground staff that the flight is delayed for an hour.  

My boarding pass (Flight no: 610, Seat 2A)

After an hour of delay, I finally manage to board this small aircraft (aircraft registration no: 9N-AIT)

Flight take off from Pokhara to Kathmandu Domestic Airport on this twin-engine propellor plane (Buddha Air) 

Even though it was a short 25 minutes flight, I still had a good glance of this beautiful country from high above. 

Flight landed safely into Kathmandu Domestic Airport. As the flight was delayed for over an hour, I had to call up the hotel to check and confirm on the transportation which I had arranged beforehand.

Spotted this beautiful rainbow while on the way to the hotel 🌈

The stay at Club Himalaya was the highlight of this 10 days to Nepal. The room was so comfortable and I would highly recommend anyone to choose this accommodation if they are visiting Nagarkot. 

Had a yummy dinner at the hotel’s restaurant before calling it a night.. 😊
…End of Day 6…


Day 5 of Nepal

8 September 2016 (Thursday)


Phewa Lake


After having my complimentary breakfast, I took a short walk to Phewa Lake.


That’s my picture perfect moment with a white horse and this is also one of my favorite photo that I have taken in Nepal. I have had experiences riding on other animals like donkey, elephant, etc while I was overseas before so this wasn’t new. 


Astonishing landscape of lush greenery 


That’s the horse owner, an orphan since young and whose uncle owns a ranch in Nepal. While I was riding on the horse, he walked throughout the entire 4 hours journey. Great stamina! 


I love horse but I also felt quite guilty  cos I have ever eaten horse sashimi when I was in Japan. 


At one of the highest viewpoint in Sarangkot.. 


It was exhilarating to be standing up at a high attitude of 1600m to marvel at the breathtaking panoramic view of Pokhara, the second largest city of Nepal. Though I was excited to be standing so high up on this Mount Sarangkot, I had to be extra careful and not fall off. 不然真的粉身碎骨 😱


I felt a great deal of satisfaction and astounded with myself for being able to make my dream trip to Nepal happen. Young and fearless? Maybe? 

有时候,我觉得自己像一只小小鸟。想要飞啊飞~ 🕊️  好想再去许多美丽的国家..



Some of the beautiful pictures that I took while descending Mount Sarangkot. Went back to the hotel to take a small break before heading to Phewal Lake to have an early dinner. 

Rainy night in Pokhara, what a sight to behold

…. To be continued for Day 6….



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Day 4 of Nepal

7 September 2016 (Wednesday)


I booked my coach ticket to travel from Kathmandu to Pokhara the night before from the travel desk at Hotel Shanker. A ‘selfie’ moment with the waitress in ethnic wear..


It was more than 6 hours coach ride to reach Pokhara and the traffic condition was quite bad. Despite the bumpy ride over dangerous terrain, I was treated with some beautiful scenery.


Lush greenery


“Silly pose”




Ala-carte lunch which was included in the coach fare and mixing the chow mien with tomato paste make it taste like eating spaghetti.



Hotel Pokhara

Not a fantastic choice of accommodation as there is foul stench from the toilet and also I experienced more than 3 times of power outage in this hotel. Did a quick search on the internet for other choices and also went surveying around the vicinity, this hotel is still a better choice that I can find in Pokhara.


As I was discussing the tour package with the operator, this boy clad in red t-shirt dashed right in which startled me a little. Gave him some lemon sweets and he liked it.. Moments after I rented this motorbike, there was a sudden burst of heavy rain. Siannnn…but what immediately came to my mind was to get a poncho and find a restaurant to eat at..


Drenched by rain and extremely hungry from all the long journey, I was really glad to find this Chinese restaurant. Steamboat often goes hand-in-hand with cold weather to stay warm. Shiok shiok!


….To be continued for Day 5….