My Favourite Destination – Greece Part.II

Saronic Gulf Islands, Greece

We took the full day island-hopping cruise package to Hydra, Poros and Aegina on our second day in Greece. I would really love to go to Santorini instead to see the famed whitewashed houses with blue domes roof but our stay was too short.

Nonetheless, it was still a fun-packed day with an awesome bunch of peeps who are so steady!

Mariner of the Seas docked at Piraeus, Port of Athens. Spent 19 weeks of internship in Royal Caribbean Cruises and it is really exciting to see one of the cruise ships right in front of me. Talking about cruising holidays, I would really love to have the chance to go on an Alaska cruise!

A photo-taking session to welcome us before we go on board the ship.

Our first stop was Hydra. It is a very beautiful island and I will highly recommend newlyweds to come here for honeymoon. Just sipping a cup of coffee is already a pure enjoyment on this island.

The water is so clear! I think Hydra is a good subsidiary for Santorini if you do not want to spend few hundred bucks on air tickets or 8 hours ferry cruise to travel there. The only difference between the two islands I think is the roofs in Hydra are red-tiled instead of bright blue domes.

This is our ship docking at Hydra.

Motor vehicles are banned and the only form of transport in Hydra is donkey rides or by foot. Of course, how can you miss taking a donkey ride here?

I really enjoyed the donkey ride! The donkeys kept poo-ing and the owners would stop to clean the poo-poo.

Cats are everywhere in Hydra too! Meow..

Our second stop was Poros. Nothing much in this island but the view from the hilltop is really stunning.

Us at the hilltop of Poros.

The last stop was Aegina. This island is really huge to be explored by foot. With limited time to spend on this island, we decided to rent the motorbikes despite that none of us own a motorbike license. Steady! I love to ride motorbikes and I even went for Class 2B lessons. After 3 long years, I still have not passed my Class 2B license and it still remains a dream to own a Vespa Sprint. Sobs!

The 6 of us took 4 motorbikes and off we go for our mini adventure tour. I took the quad bike and maneuvering was easy.

Ain’t we cool? Heehee…And…Guess what? We spoiled the bench. Lol!

We almost got into an accident cos I did not slow down as we were approaching a sharp turn. The right two wheels were lifted and we drove into another lane. Fortunately, there were no oncoming cars and I managed to regain back balance. Phew! This is one of the reasons why I have not passed my motorcycle licence cos I am such a lousy driver. Hahah!

It was very rushed and we almost missed the timing to get on board the ship.

Alas, the whole trip was ended with a memorable view of sunset with swarms of seagulls in the background. It was a wonderful and scenic trip that I would really miss.

I LOVE GREECE! Really! Don’t you too?


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