Shanghai Tang

Shanghai, China

Headed out to Yuyuan Garden,  a place where you can find architecture from the Ming and Qing dynasty. You can find many local snacks in Yuyuan Garden too.

Ordered the Da Zha Xie 大闸蟹 (hairy crab) and it costs RMB48 per pc. And I thought it was RMB48 per plate! So it costs a wholly sum of RMB144 which makes up about SGD30 for 3 tiny crabs! Wah.. Is my mandarin that bad to differentiate between per pc and per plate…

The worst thing is I only change RMB300. After the deduction of taxi fares and my lunch, I only left about RMB40 to survive the rest of the day! The yolk and fat of Da Zha Xie taste heavenly and I just wish that there is more.

Long queue at Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao takeaway counter. Really want to try it very badly but after much consideration, I decided not to eat it. Worried that if I ordered it, I might not have enough money to make my way back to the hotel. So I can only drool salvia thinking that how nice it gonna taste!

More views of YuYuan Garden. YuYuan Garden is a walking distance to the Bund.

Took a slow stroll along the bund waiting for the building to be lighted up. It is really cold despite that the temperature is about 18-21 degree Celsius.

Spotted some interesting English translations. Can you spot it too?

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