Hi Seoul, Soul of Asia

Seoul, South Korea

It is not all about shopping in Seoul. Take some time out to sightsee as well and a good place to do so is Changdeokgung Palace.

Changdeokgung Palace is one of the “Five Grand Palaces” built during the Joseon Dynasty. It means Palace of Propsering Virtue and is also designated as one of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

This is also the palace where the Korean drama Da Chang Jin is filmed! Da Chang Jin is my all-time favorite TV show and I teared when Lady Han passed away from her injuries during the journey to Jeju Island to work as slave. Was so upset that I couldn’t bear to continue with the show and just switched off the TV.

Behind me is Injeongjeon Hall, the throne hall of Changdeokgung used for major state affairs.

The Throne for the king.

The Secret Garden (Biwon) lies within the palace, a beautiful garden used by the royal family to relax and compose poetry.

Secret Garden is no doubt the nicest garden I have ever been to. Picturesque landscape is everywhere.

Yeongyeongdang, a residence built for the crown prince to get a taste of gentry life.

The Colour of Autumn in Secret Garden..

Another good place to go in Seoul is N Seoul Tower. N Seoul Tower is built on Mount Namsan. Mount Namsan reminds me of Mount Faber in Singapore and the way to get up to Mount Namsan is exactly the same. Unless you have a very good stamina, you won’t wish to go up by foot.

The view of the city from the top of N Seoul Tower.

We also bought the entrance tickets to the Teddy Bear Museum which is located in N Seoul Tower.

Teddy bears were used to showcase the history of South Korea.

N Seoul tower is also a good dating place for young couples. Saw many couples holding hands here and romancing in their own world.

You can buy a padlock and leave your love message.

Someone was also blowing bubbles which really soak up the whole atmosphere. So romantic man!

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