Waka Waka, This Time for Africa!

Johannesburg, South Africa 

I had a one-week stay in Johannesburg but all we did were going to the nearby shopping centre for meals. I will never ever dare to go out alone in this country after all the horror news that were reported during the World Cup.

On my last day in Joburg, I finally felt that I was in South Africa when my batch girl and me visited the Lion Park. We bought the guided drive tour from the hotel and off we go for our safari adventure!

This is my first time getting up close with wildlife and I felt like I was on National Geographic! I just wished that I had a better camera with super zoom lens to capture these wildlife in their nature habitat.

Close up view of the Blesbok.

Lion King is shitting! Lol!

“Alright, I am done shitting!”

White lions! So camera-shy!

Blur blur look. So cute!

We were freaking so close to the lion king! Roaarrrrrr!!

Feeding time! These lions are tame and they don’t rush to get their food. I guess they have already lost their killer instinct.

@ the Wild Dog’s Camp in Lion Park.

@ Cheetah’s Camp

I like this photo cos the cheetah’s face is facing the camera. Machiam posing for me! 🙂

Looking up to the blue skies… “Will there be another world over the fence?”

We also get to touch the Lion cubs and cuddle them around our arms.

Sayang-ing the lion cub.

Trying to play with the lion cubs but they don’t want to care about me.

Say Cheeze! 😀

Anddd…..Here is my epic moments at the Giraffe feeding platform.

Heehee.. So “Kiasi”…! :-p

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