Seeing Koala Bears and Kangaroos for the First Time!

Tangora Zoo Sydney, Australia 

I just came back from Sydney which was my 7th time to this lovely city! When I think of Australia, I will think of koala bears and kangaroos. I have been to Australia for 11th time and I really want to see these Australian animals so I decided to pay a visit to the Zoo! 🙂

I took the free shuttle bus 555 from the bus stop in front of Queen Victoria Building and alighted at Circular Quay.  From Circular Quay, you can buy the Zoo Pass for AUD50.50 which include the ferry transport and entry to Tangora Zoo.

On the ferry to Tangora Zoo and passed by attractions like Opera House and Harbor Bridge.

Welcome to Tangora Zoo“. Reached Tangora Zoo after a short 12 minutes ferry ride from Circular Quay.

I took the Sky Safari located near the ferry wharf to the top entrance of the zoo’s plaza.

Scenic view from the top entrance of zoo’s plaza. It is important to plan your visit well and follow the green dots on the path to explore the 9 trails. I didn’t follow the path and I had to walk uphill which was very tiring to see the other trails that I have missed.

My first stop was the Koala Walkabouts.

Weee!! Finally see an Australian koala bear after my 11th time to Australia!!

These are REAL koala bears but they look fake, don’t they?

Not Drunk – Just Digesting

Some interesting facts about koala bears… According to a bush legend, koalas are permanently drunk on fermented gum leaves. In fact, eucalyptus leaves are low in energy and difficult to break down, which is why koalas sleep as much as 20 hours a day. Their laid-back pose also keeps them cool. It exposes the soft white belly fur which reflects the heat and is easily ruffled by the breeze.

Next stop – Giraffe Encounters.

World’s Tallest Baby! – Giraffes are about 2m tall at birth”.

I missed the 1st trail which is the Reptile World and went to the 2nd trail African Safari instead.

Sun Bear.

Pygmy Hippopotamus. They have the cutest ears in the world! Their ears will start twitching after they come out of the water. You can just stare blindly at them, look at them playing with the water and twitching their ears. So cute!


“Just  as no two humans have the same fingerprints, no two zebras have the same stripe pattern.”

As I was snapping the zebra, this lil cutie flew by and stopped to eat the honey from the flowers.


Barbary Sheep.

Himalayan Tahr.

End of Trail 2. I should have proceeded to Trail 3 and 4 which is the Australian Walkabout but I went to Trail 7 (Big Cats Trail) instead. This proved to be a tiring mistake later on because I have to walk uphill to go back to Trail 3.

Snow Leopard. So fierce looking!

*Blinking eyes* Alright…You look cute in this photo! 🙂

On the roof of the world” – The Snow Leopard spends summer in the high alpine pastures, moving down to lower altitude forests during winter in search of wild goats and sheep. Increasing human settlement in this once remote area is forcing the Snow Leopard towards extinction.


Lion. You can see me but you can’t eat me. :-p


Tigress and her cub.

End of Trail 7 and I proceeded to Trail 6 (Rainforest Trail).

Malayan Tapir.


Gibbon. I don’t have a zoom lens to snap the Gibbon from far. 🙁

End of Trail 6. I walked uphill to Trail 3 back to see the Ring-tailed Lemur and Gorillas.

Ring-tailed Lemur.

Gorillas. So human-life.. Here’s a question, did we really evolve from Apes?

Saw this Peacock on my way to Trail 3 (Australian Walkabout).

Tadah! Kangaroo! Yipppeee! I finally see an Australian Kangaroo.


Saw these Crocodiles on my way to the last trail which is Trail 9 (Seal Walk).

Seal. So big and fat!

Pelican. Please do not discard fish hooks into the sea cos it will get caught onto these seabirds causing injuries or even a slow agonizing death.

Say hello to my cute friend Sea Lion! She looked amused with all the cameras that kept snapping at her. Aaahhh.. So adorable! 😀

Swimming freely in their world. 🙂

I gonna end this post with my favorite photo from the album.

Mother and daughter enjoying a day out to the Zoo! Motherly’s love.. So sweet, isn’t it?


  • I'd Rather Be In Iceland December 11, 2011 at 7:31 pm

    I love the setting of this zoo, the way you can see Sydney across the water.

    • Irene December 11, 2011 at 11:43 pm

      Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the setting of the zoo and the ferry ride to the zoo was really scenic! 🙂

  • sunsetscribble September 8, 2015 at 4:51 am

    Love all the pictures from the zoo! That sea lion is so cute looking right at the camera 🙂

  • Vickey October 8, 2016 at 6:35 pm

    Irene, amazing walk through you have created in this post…. I feel that I am actually on the spot now….
    thanks for such a wonderful post….

  • floatinggold January 22, 2018 at 6:00 am

    Great pics. So happy you finally got to see the staples!


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