Enjoy a Slower Pace of Life at New Zealand…

Waiheke Island, New Zealand 

Greetings from Auckland! 😉

I just came back from Waiheke Island and I am typing out this post now in Esquires Coffee House which is nearby to the hotel that I am staying at.

Had a lovely brunch to kickstart my day in New Zealand. Soft and fluffy toast and crispy on the outside. Yum yum..

Queens Wharf

Queens Wharf

I took the ferry from Queen’s Wharf and the return ferry ticket costs me NZD35.

Waiheke Island Wharf

Arrived at Waiheke Island after a 35 minutes ferry ride. I rented a bike from the bicycle shop near the wharf and it costs NZD30 for the one day bike rental. It was a painful decision cos it was so tiring to cycle uphill. An alternative is to buy the hop-on hop-off bus for NZD22 to explore the island.

Beach near Waiheke Island Wharf

Here are some flower shots that I took with my first try on manual focus.

I am quite contented with the photos. 🙂

My bicycle @ Oneroa Beach..

It is just me and the beach today..

Irene, meaning Peace

Enjoy a slower pace of life when you are here… Just pause and listen to the musical sounds of birds chirping, ocean waves and winds rattling the leaves… You will be amazed at the peace that comes with it.

Nostalgic mailboxes..

Waiheke Island is a lovely place for retirement and it would be nice to have a house by the beach, waking up to the sound of ocean waves. Sitting on a bench holding hands with your soulmate, enjoying the sea view and each other’s company… Sweet sweet love, isn’t it?

Horse Ranch

Cable Bay Vineyards

Waiheke Island is also known as the ‘Island of Wine‘ and famous for its great New Zealand’s wine.

And of cos…Got to buy a bottle of locally produced wine when I am in one of the world’s most exclusive wine growing regions.. 😉


  • Tarig Anter December 13, 2011 at 8:34 pm

    It must be a blessing
    Most of modern globalist economists rely on a conventional assumption that is based on “our limited resources”.
    Let me mention here few of unlimited and infinite resources all over the World that must make mankind rethink and question many theories and practices:
    1- Sharing of some types of resources, like knowledge;
    2- Innovation and imagination;
    3- Some kinds of natural resources;
    4- Values and ethics;
    5- Capital if we include time and forms of partnerships,
    I think the first question and the most important is Can we move away from the perceptions of fast and maximum productivity; to another paradigm of sustainable and optimal production?
    Why is the rush?
    Keep it slow and enjoyable.

    • Irene December 13, 2011 at 8:52 pm

      Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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