Monthly Archives : January 2012

Meeting Shinn In Lausanne!

Lausanne, Switzerland  I was really excited to come to Switzerland to meet Shinn in Lausanne. This is my first time meeting a friend overseas after 7 months of flying. Even though we have never spoken a single word to each other in school, our interests and love to travel has brought us together. So, I thought, why not visit Shinn…

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My First Trip of 2012 to London.. Part II

London, United Kingdom I am going to rave about this Chinese restaurant that we visited on our second day in London. I really appreciate it when I can have authentic Asian food in European countries.  I do not believe in the combination of eastern and western way of cooking because most of the time, they serve you crappy food that taste…

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My First Trip of 2012 to London.. Part I

London, United Kingdom Oh… London… London… Lovely London… This is my second time to London and I really love this city. Firstly, it is very easy to explore this city with the extensive underground tube network. Secondly, there are so many great places to visit that make you fall in love with London again and again. If you can remember…

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