We went to the Zoo in Zurich!

Zurich, Switzerland 

It was an unexpected trip to the zoo because I’m not exactly an animal lover. I can’t picture  myself visiting the zoo in Singapore but the zoo in Zurich is pretty different from the usual zoo I have been to. For some reasons, the animals look different and unusual in this zoo.

For a start, this monkey looks different from the usual monkeys we see in Southeast Asia.

There were two old ladies having their own drawing session in the zoo.

Peacefully taking their time to finish their drawings. 🙂

Which is the head and tail? I am unable to provide the names of the animals because everything including the brochure and signage are all in German.

Electric Eels


I had a little fun playing with the slides meant for the children. I cannot deny that I enjoy doing childish things at times. I am still very young at heart. Hehe!

We also visited FIFA Headquarter which is just nearby to the zoo.

Replica of World Cup Trophy

And…Here is my company (the great animal lover) for the day! 🙂

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