Togetherness! – Day 2 in Heidelberg!

Heidelberg, Germany

Day 2

Frankfurt Central Station

According to the concierge, there was a subway strike on our second day in Frankfurt and we had to walk from the hotel to Frankfurt Central Station to take the train to Heidelberg.

Me and my batch girl Julin!

I also met up with my batch girl Julin! Her flight arrived into Frankfurt later than ours and so we had to meet up on the second day instead.

So what will 10 ladies and a hunk do during a 90 minutes train ride? The answer is WE CAMWHORED! 😀

We are trying to do a version of “Goddess of million hands” but we failed terribly.

The 10 pretty ladies! (From left to right) Yiiyin, Jing Jing, Lay Hui, Julin, Irene (Me), Eileen, Veron, Charmaine, Bee Peng and Chai Yean

Japanese and German mixed blood baby!

We saw a super cute Japanese and German mixed blood baby! Her mummy is a Japanese staying in Germany and she helped us with the directions to Heidelberg Castle.

Look at those beautiful eyes!

How can all the girls resist taking photos with such a cute and handsome boy? Everyone took turn to take photo with him and of cos I want to take with him also!

All the 10 girls again!

Biggest sightseeing company ever! It is so rare! And of cos, we had to grab every opportunity to take photos together! There is only one guy in the group and he became our “photographer” of the day.

Pose again!


We had our lunch at this Bavarian restaurant and some of the girls goggled at this cute waiter.

One of girls’ typical characteristics – Must take photos first before food comes!

Another characteristic of girls – Must take photos from other angles too! Ha!

One of the must-try Bavarian cuisine – Pork knuckles!

Another must-try Bavarian cuisine – Bavarian sausages!

Pork Neck Chop! I do not really like Bavarian cuisine and I do not think I will ever like it. Bavarian cuisine is way too meaty and there is a lack of variety! After flying for the past ten months, I realized that other than Asian cuisine, the two cuisines that I like are French and Italian cuisine.

We finally saw the Heidelberg Castle at the top of the hill after spending so much time camwhoring along the way. We took a 5 minutes bus ride to the top of the hill.

The view from the top is really nice! I like to see low-rising old towns instead of high-rising modern buildings.

Failed Attempt #1

Failed Attempt #2

Successful Attempt!

We tried to take jump shots and we succeeded after a few attempts.

Another cute boy that we have spotted!

Don’t you feel that this looks like an advertisement for Gap Kids?

Another characteristic of girls! – Must take photos with cute little boys!

Me and my batch girl Julin again!

This is the view from Heidelberg Castle and can you spot the Old Bridge? It is also one of the landmarks in Heidelberg.

I really like this photo a lot cos all of us is flashing our teeth while smiling. “Occupational disease”. I guess we are all “chosen” because we can flash that “million dollar smile”. Haha!

This is how we spent our time together in Heidelberg and we went back early to prepare for our flight the next day.

Aglio Olio with Salmon

However, there is only a few of us whom went to the same Italian restaurant to have dinner and I ordered Aglio Olio with Salmon. I love really good pasta! Yums!

Alright folks, please stay tuned for the next post to New York! 🙂

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