Togetherness! – Day 6 in Frankfurt!

Day 6

Frankfurt, Germany

This is the view from my hotel room, an interesting mix of old and new architecture.

(From left to right) Julin, Yiiyin, Bee Peng, Me and Chai Yean

I was really sick with high fever but I insisted on joining the girls to the Hong Kong bistro for lunch.

I was really glad to have a proper Asian meal after more than a week away from home.

This crispy duck dish was awesome!

Römer Square

Our first stop was Römer Square.

Statue of goddess Justitia
Eiserner Steg

Our next stop was Eiserner Steg, the love bridge. The idea is for lovers to attach their padlocks to the bridge and then they keys into river. There is also such love bridge found in Paris.

Love Padlocks

Failed attempt #1 – The love sign was out of my shape cos of me.

Failed Attempt #2 – I blocked my own face. Lol!

We were finally successful making triple love after 3 attempts. This photo also marks the end of our wonderful one week trip for our Frankfurt and New York flight. 🙂

If you have missed the previous posts, you can click on the following links – Day 1 (Frankfurt)Day 2 (Heidelberg), Day 3, 4 and 5 (New York).

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