I was in London for the The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee!

London, United Kingdom

Crispy aromatic duck pancakes

This is my 4th time to London and I am really glad that I was in town for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I am so lucky! We touched down pretty late so I ordered room service for my dinner.

Aubaine Cafe

We went out for lunch together on the next day and I like the ambience of this cafe.

The waiter bought out a tray of desserts for us to choose from. If I have the capital, this will be the type of cafe that I want to set up in Singapore. Nice ambience, nice dessert and friendly waiters!

I chose this yummy strawberry cake. Yum yum..

Aubaine cafe is really a good place to chill and we chit chat for like 4 hours in this cafe.

Fortnum and Masons

I went to Fortnum and Masons alone to shop for tea leaves and honey.

This small packet of tea leaves is very expensive and it costs me 20 pounds (SGD40). I really like it when I smell the tea leaves. One of my favorite teas is TWG chamomile tea with honey. Chamomile tea has no caffeine, aid in sleep and also calm anxiety. You will love it too!

As I was going back to the metro station, I saw a huge crowd walking in the same direction. I think they should be going for the Queen’s celebration so I decided to join in the fun.

Reporting live at Hyde Park! Did anybody see me on TV? Lol!

The British really knows how to enjoy life! They bought their picnic mat, food and champagne to the park to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Finally found a good spot in Hyde Park to watch the Queen’s celebration live.

Robbie Williams!

Alfie Boe and Renee Fleming singing somewhere on Buckingham Palace’s balcony!

Elton John singing your song!

The Queen arrived halfway through the Jubilee’s concert to join the rest of her family members and the crowds roared with cheers. Prince Philip was unable to attend as he was admitted into the hospital for bladder inflection.

The 3 french ladies sitting beside me were very nice and they offered to help me take a photo. 🙂

Gary Barlow, the concert organizer leading the Queen on the stage.

Prince Charles paid a warm and emotional tribute onstage to his “mummy” the Queen.

You can see the Queen was delighted by the speech!! I love her smile!!

Prince Charles joked that Prince Philip might hear the Jubilee concert from his bed if the crowd shouted loud enough. I also joined in the crowd and chanted “Philip, Philip, Philip!” and you can see the Queen was moved by the overwhelming support for his husband.

The Queen lit the final fire beacon at the climax of the 3 hours concert.

And then, it was the spectacular firework display that marks the end of the concert.

Here is a short click of the firework display. What a wonderful and beautiful experience…

It was a nightmare to go back to my hotel. Caucasians are very tall and I felt suffocated when I was stuck in the human jam cos I am so petite. The nearest metro station Marble Arch was closed so I have to walk to the next station Bond Streets to take the metro back to my hotel. Cold weather. Hungry. Thirsty. Bladder almost burst. But it is so worth it! PRICELESS memories! This is really ONCE in a lifetime experience cos I do not know if I could live long enough to see the next Diamond Jubilee. And…Guess what? I am coming back to London again for Olympics next month! Woahhhhhh!!!


  • Mitzie Mee June 9, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    And Gary Barlow was there:) I used to be a Take That fan when I was younger. Regarding the cakes; it must have been difficult to choose, they all look so tasty.

    • Irene June 20, 2012 at 9:39 pm

      He is still so handsome but Cheryl Cole really spoilt the song they sang together! The desserts are so good that you want everything! 🙂


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