The Rhine Falls

Rheinfall, Switzerland 

Windy & Me

I did my trip to Rheinfall two months ago with my batch girl Windy. The concierge gave us the wrong information and so we alighted at the wrong train station. We had to walk about 20 minutes to Rheinfall but along the way, we enjoyed the serenity and picturesque views of the lake.  

Oh man… I loved the beautiful houses that are lined up along the lake. I wish I can own a lake house one day too.

The water is so clear that we can see fishes swimming about in the lake.

It was a nice sunny weather which is perfect for a picnic outing.

Playing with the water

Digging out toes in the cool and clear water

Railway bridge in Rheinfall

And alas, we finally reached Rheinfall!

RAINBOW!!! So pretty!

We took the boat ride to the huge rock in the center of Rheinfall.

That is the view from the top of the rock.

Roaring waters
Me @ Rheinfall

Want some german sausage? Gosh… I had eaten so much german sausage during this trip. So good! Yums..

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