My December Paris Trip…

Paris, France

It is a love hate affair with Paris. I fly to Paris more often than I take a train to Pasir Ris in one year. Lol! 7 times, yes, I have flown to Paris for 7 times and counting. I have been to most of the top 10 tourist attractions such as Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc De Triomphe, Seine River, Sacre-Coeur and of course the shopping districts. I used to learn french in school but I have forgotten everything. What a waste of effort… Sighs… 


I have been to the Louvre many times but this is my first time going into the museum. Thankfully I have my batch boy Desmond to accompany me and it also means I can entrust him to plan out the routes and find the directions. *Heehee…*


The entrance ticket costs 15 euros and please note that the museum is closed on every Tuesday to avoid any disappointment. It is best to go to the Louvre early and you will need at least half a day to explore the entire place. This museum is huge!


DSC_3290 The painter is trying to replicate the art piece..
Mona Lisa

And of course, the only reason why I want to visit the Louvre is to see the MONA LISA painting. *Been that, Done that* and it is finally cleared off from my to-do list.

Everyone wanna take a snapshot of the mona lisa painting


Front of the painting
Back of the painting




Many many enormous paintings in the Louvre…


Gabrielle d’Estrees and one of her sisters in the bath

I couldn’t resist taking a kinky photo with this painting. I find this painting pretty interesting and amusing. Why is she pinching her nipples? Lol!  Okie…. According to the website,

An oddly affectionate gesture

The models have been identified as Gabrielle d’Estrées (1571-99), the favorite of Henry IV (1553-1610), and one of her sisters: the Duchess de Villars or Madame de Balagny. The oddly affectionate way in which the sister is pinching Gabrielle d’Estrées’ right breast has often been taken as symbolizing the latter’s pregnancy with the illegitimate child of Henry IV. This interpretation would seem to be confirmed by the scene of the young woman sewing – perhaps preparing a layette for the coming child – in the background. The picture was acquired by the Louvre in 1937.

DSC_3367 The Louvre: Egyptian Section
DSC_3375 The louvre during medieval period
Christmas Market at La defense

It was christmas season and how can we miss going to christmas market to immerse in the festive moods.


Many food stalls


Nice chilled beer to have in such cold weather… 🙂

Oh…Paris…Till then again………

3 thoughts on “My December Paris Trip…

  • Hi Irene,
    I truly love your blog, full of adventure and your very lucky to have a chance to travel around the world well anyway I’m pretty sure this travel experience in Paris for is unforgettable right? Or maybe one of your favorite destination? God bless and continue your wonderful journey and keep sharing all these beautiful things to see and visit in the most wonderful places on earth.

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