Better The Second Time Around!! Part 1

New York, United States 



I like this photo because it captures me at my natural state- makeup-less, excited, tired and yea, stoning… It is so me… always stoning away in my own world


Times Square

It is my second time to New York and it is better than my last trip in April which I got really sick. I was in good mood and health to enjoy the city this time around.


We had our lunch at Shake Shack and the queue is insane! The waiting time is at least 45 minutes to an hour.


When I’m shaken’ come on up to the shack!

The device will vibrate when your order is ready for collection.


Shroom Burger (Vegetarian) – Crisp-fried portobello mushroom filled with melted cheese

I had the Shroom Burger because all the non-vegetarian burgers are beef and I have stopped eating it. The burger was still damn good with cheddar cheese oozing out from the portobello mushroom. Slurps!


Sarah, Fleur & Me

Burgers, cheese fries and milkshakes! Lunch was sinful but very satisfying. Definitely not for the diet conscious.



We took a photo with christmas greetings at the starbucks outlet.


DSC_3489 Interesting street art


Christmas decorations


The world-famous christmas tree at Rockefeller Center

And yea, MUST TAKE photo with the most famous christmas tree in the world.


My camera makes the christmas tree looks very unflattering so I got this photo from the net. So… Can you imagine how is it like to countdown to Christmas in New York now? AWESOMEEEEE RIGHTTTTT….

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