A Random Day in Frankfurt With Fujifilm X100S.

Frankfurt, Germany 

Jessica, Me, Chloe & Cindy

This is my 4th time to Frankfurt. I would love to explore out of Frankfurt but the weather was such a bitch. The temperate was still below zero degree celsius even though it was mid of March. I visited Frankfurt in March last year and it was a pleasant weather to venture out to Heidelberg. Oh mannnn…Will spring ever come??

Jessica, Stella, Chloe & Cindy

We are the GENERATION-Y kids a.k.a the 90s strawberries (Strawberry Generation). The “Old School” Generation might have prejudices against us that we “bruise easily” like strawberries. Hey, we may look fragile or SYT (Sweet Young Things) but we are strong and independent. Alright…I am #justcomplaining


It was snowing heavily. I like to look at snow from my room’s window but I can’t tolerate the cold weather when I am outside.


We had a fun snowball fight and another reason that I love snow is we can build snowman! This must be the weirdest looking snowman I have ever built. It is a little out-of-shape but it still looks cute right? :p


The city of Frankfurt does not have many attractions (Please correct me if I am wrong) and so I visited the same places again. We went to Frankfurt Cathedral and Roemer Square.






Along the way to Roemer Square, we stopped by this toy shop and I had fun exploring my new love. Focusing is great and the camera takes nice close up shots. And…The best part is the Fujifilm X100S is user-friendly and easy to use for clueless DSLR users like me. I have frustrations with my Nikon D5100 because most of the photos I took are usually out of focus and the images are not very sharp. I know it is not the camera issue but problems with the user. Haha!



This is my favorite photo in the album. I like the bokeh effect. 🙂




Can you believe that this is a matchbox and they fit in all these small models into such a tiny box.





Our next stop was Eiserner Steg. There is many famous love lock bridges in the world and we should start this trend in Singapore too! The idea is for lovers to attach their padlocks to the bridge and throw the keys into the river to symbolize everlasting love.


We have our late lunch at this Italian restaurant which is beside our usual joint Mario & Lino. I like Mario & Lino but the food serve here are as good!


I attempted B&W photography and they were so nice to let me shoot them at work.


Flying dough.. Haha..



Anyone feeling hungry already? Hehe..

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