Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013


Singapore? Yes, you saw that right! I am finallyyyyy blogging something about Singapore! Singapore, my country, my homeland! In case you have been reading my blog and you are still not sure where I am from.. I am a Singaporean! *Tadah* Singapore is NOT part of China. Our forefathers fought hard for our independence. Even though Singapore is a small little red dot on the map, Singapore is a nation on its own. I get frustrated when someone asks me where I am from and they go, “Oh… China I know!” You dumb***! -.-”


Anyway… Coming back to the topic… This is the first Tokyo Auto Salon event in Singapore! I am not into cars but I thought I can use this chance to shoot portrait photography. I have always wanted to take portrait photographs but I am not thick skinned enough to approach strangers. I feel really embarrassed to take photos of the showgirls but I have already paid SGD25 for the entrance fees so I MUST shoot!


I have to fight with everyone…and of course most of them are men! *Erhem* There are many different types of showgirls in the exhibitions.. models.. ah lians.. CMI ones.. xiao mei mei (aka sweet young things).. Some of them is really pretty.. Life is so unfair ok!


This photo is my personal favorite in the album! Pretty, demure and elegant!


This is my second favorite and she is Ms Popular. She has the most cameras flashing on her. There is always crowd everywhere she goes.


She looks damn cool!





The next Tokyo Auto Salon will be coming up in Bangkok from 20-30 June 2013 and they have a Thai showgirl to advertise it in the exhibition.












The Japanese showgirls have bodyguards to take care of them and shove the way.


The Japanese girls are so nice!! They stop in front of me to let me take pictures of them and still wave to me. She knew that my first picture was blur and she still stop to let me take second picture. But second picture still blur… 😦 This is why I love Japan! The Japanese are so nice, friendly and polite! I will be blogging about my recent Japan trip after this post so please stay tune alright. 🙂

Talking about cars…


My dream is to own a Volkswagen Vintage Beetle. Hopefully that one day will come….  🙂

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013

  • Hi there,

    I am Fiona here from Fiona’s Models.
    There are some of my models here in your beautifully captured photos.
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    This is our page:
    We usually generate quite a lot of views.
    You can reply me at our page.

    Do let me know.
    If you are not comfortable then it’s no problem.

    Thank you 🙂

    Fiona Keisha Lee
    Fiona’s Models, Talents And Events Management

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