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Dear readers… As some of you are aware, I am in the Top 10 Finalist for Best Travel Blog in Singapore Blog Awards 2013 and the themed challenge is to write a blog entry on something/someone from/about the 60’s that inspires us. I am born in 1990, a GEN-Y kid and a working adult now in my early twenties who has graduated from a local polytechnic not too long ago. What are there in the 1960s? I wasn’t even born yet. I kinda went into a “panic” mode. I think, think and THINK and I look at my June’s roster, “OH! I am going to London“.


I love my job as I have great opportunities to travel around the world. There is no doubt that London is one of my favorite cities. I have been to London many times and was lucky enough to be in London during The Queen Diamond Jubilee and 2012 Summer Olympics. Kate Middleton, pregnant with her and Prince William’s first child is expected to give birth sometime in July. Guess what? I will be in London next month too! Hurray! Hopefully I will get to witness this joyous occasion in London. *fingers crossed* 


That is not the whole point about the blog entry for the themed challenge.

So now…

I am going to throw you back to the 1960s – The Remarkable Era of ROCK AND ROLL.


To find my inspiration for this blog entry, I joined this afternoon tour “Classic Rock & Beatles Site” by The Original Tour which costs me GBP32.50 (SGD65). The tour bring us to visit sites that made the ‘Sixties’ swinging and see where the legends used to live and where some still live. Our guide Bob was surprised to see me a young asian girl joining this tour because most of the tourists who join this tour are the americans or australians in their 50s or 60s. Truth be told, it was overwhelming cos I couldn’t understand some of the things he said. I tried my best to understand and digest the history of the 1960s music era. Nevertheless, the experience was pretty interesting and enriching I must say! 🙂


Are you familiar with any of the musicians on this list?

Just to name a few..Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Jackson 5, The Bee Gees, Stevie Wonder, The Rolling Stones are some of the greatest musicians in the 1960s..


He is the undisputed King of Rock ‘n’ Roll! Wonderfully talented, charming and god damn good looking! Hottest man ever alive!




These are some of my favorite songs by Elvis Presley.

Oh man… Can someone please invent a time machine and bring me back to the 1960s?

I would really want to go to his concert!



Here is some interesting history about The Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll..

In 1950s, there were good times in the United States because of the economic boom after World War II. These new young generation of Americans had money to spend and the free time in which to spend. They did not want to be restricted like their parents who was forced to take life seriously because of the war. They wanted their own style and many chose rock ‘n’ roll as the music of their generation. Elvis Presley with his version of this new music became widely popular during the mid 1950s. Together with other famous rockers of the 1950s such as Chuck Berry and Little Richard, these musicians continued to create music and inspired others which led to the music that we now associate with the 1960s.


Elsewhere in another part of the world, there was a group known as The Beatles formed in Liverpool that would take the world by storm and become one of the greatest bands in the history of rock music. The British Invasion was a phenomenon that occurred in the mid-1960s where British bands such as The Beatles, The Bee Gees and The Rolling Stones whose popularity spread rapidly to the rest of the English-speaking world, especially the United States. London was “swinging” to a flourishing of music, fashion and the cultural scenes and for a few years in the 1960s, London was the world capital of cool.


If you are a huge fan of The Beatles, you  should join this full day tour “Liverpool & The Beatles” by Evan Evans Tours. I have wanted to join this tour instead but it was fully booked. The tour includes an entrance to The Beatles Story museum, a two hour “Magical Mystery Tour” that takes you around all the places associated with The Beatles including their homes, school, birthplaces, etc. Last but not least, you get to visit the legendary Cavern Club where the Beatles used to perform before they become famous. I so wanna go! Why no tickets! 🙁




These are some of my favorite songs by The Beatles. There is a beautiful story behind this song “Let It Be” written by Paul McCartney.



I was at Hyde Park last year June to celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and “Let It Be” is the last few songs performed by Paul McCartney to bring the star studded concert in tribute to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to a close.


Paul McCartney, A True Legend 


We also saw the Abbey Road Studios during the tour.

The Abbey Road Studios is the most famous recording studios in the world and The Beatles recorded almost all of their albums and singles there between 1962 and 1970.


Of cos must take photo la! It is a working studio so you can’t go in.

You need to take your pictures fast because someone will come out to chase you away.


This is arguably one of the most iconic album covers in history. The Beatles named their 1969 album, Abbey Road, after the street where the studio is located. The cover photo was taken at the pedestrian zebra crossing outside the studio. This pedestrian zebra crossing has now become a place of pilgrimage for The Beatles fans from all over the world. Mind you, this is not any ordinary crossing you find elsewhere. This crossing has been given a Grade II listed status for its cultural and historical importance.


When you are here, you MUST take pictures of yourself crossing the road. HAHAHAHA!

I have never seen any zebra crossing this popular and you need to queue up to cross k!



The tour also brought us to see the rooftop where The Beatles perform their final live gig on January 30, 1969.

The full performance included Get Back, Don’t Let Me Down, I’ve Got A Feeling, One After 909, Dig A Pony and another run-through of Get Back.


Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 9.19.48 AM

The Beatles’ live legacy ends with the police shutting down the show as the concert disrupted the businesses along Savile Road and caused a traffic jam on the street below, when people stopped to listen.

And John Lennon’s sign off at the end of the gig, “I’d like to say thank you on behalf of the group and ourselves, and I hope we passed the audition”.

That’s called ending off in STYLE! Rock on mate!


That’s how The Beatles break up and performed their last gig “rooftop concert”.

I have also come to the end of my blog entry… It was pretty fun and interesting to get to know more about the 1960s while I was researching for this entry.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the post and maybe get “inspired” to listen to the 60s music.

Cheers! 🙂



  • Lucian liang October 16, 2013 at 5:34 pm

    Hi Irene, same like u, i’m also a 90’s kid, and i don’t know about 60’s song nor interested in. Also i’m not a Rock n Roll genre type😯, more to R&B, Pop and some slow sad songs…😢. Ooh, i don’t listen to Chinese songs too…… 🎧

  • Alison November 9, 2013 at 8:55 am

    Hi Irene!

    Love the great photos and rock attitude 🙂

    My name is Alison and I’m with Dwellable. I was looking for blogs about London to share on our site and I came across your post. I’m wondering if you are open to having your blog post featured on Dwellable. If so, please shoot me an email at alison (at) dwellable (dot) com.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


    • Karinthia August 16, 2014 at 10:11 am

      It’s a joy to find soenome who can think like that

  • Raihana August 24, 2015 at 9:54 am

    Do mind if you can share the apartments or hotel you have stayed during your trips to London. ☺


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