Top 5 GSS wishlist

It’s only April but I’m already dreaming of the GSS ): It might be because I’ve just embarked on a shopping ban, but I am already dreaming of all the things to get once my ban ends. Here is my wishlist of the top 5 things I wanna get once the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) starts.

1) Pandora bracelet

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 8.46.03 pm

I have had my eye on this Pandora bracelet for really long because the bracelet looks very clean and pretty. The rose gold is super nice don’t you think? I think rose gold is one of the nicest colours for jewelry actually, because yellow gold is quite old fashioned.

2) Polaroid Printer

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 8.51.34 pm

Isn’t this polaroid printer damn cool? I saw a cheap one at Rakuten recently its only SGD 211 bucks, which is really cheap because the polaroid printer allows you to edit your pictures and print all your old photos as well so that’s really cool!

Speaking of Rakuten though, I recently discovered this nifty site called ShopBack.

It looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 8.52.19 pm

Okay it looks abit confusing at first, but the idea is that it gives you money back for when you shop with them so you can shop on any of their merchants like Rakuten or even Luxola (omg squeal!!). You may ask, isn’t that free money they’re giving away right? Actually they get a commission for each customer from the merchant, and just split it with us as cashback! Yea so above you can see that I already have SGD35.81 cashback in my account!! Can’t wait for their Great Singapore Sale to go up haha (:

3) Mrs. Bunny Travel Kit

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 8.52.56 pm

It’s quite a cute make up kit isn’t this! I already have a makeup kit set but this one caught my eye cause I really like pale blue plus I needed a new set. It’s only SGD 102 on Luxola! Hopefully it will become cheaper during GSS. Oh ya you can get this through Shopback too actually.

4) Surfside Fragrance Mist by Victoria Secret

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 8.54.18 pm

This is one of the new scents from Victoria Secret!! I walked by the other day at Plaza Sing and they offered me one of those fragrance samples and I really liked this Surfside smell!

5) Etam swimwear

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 8.55.09 pm

Gosh Etam bikinis are so pretty! Want want want want want. Every one of them.

Ya that’s all here’s my wishlist for GSS!! Does anybody want to buy them for me?

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