2 thoughts on “Follow me on Carousell TLLI90

  • Hello Irene,

    I came across your blog and I find it very interesting. My name is Joris and I’m reaching out to you on behalf of https://healthytokyo.com HealthyTokyo is striving to make Japan a more foreigner-friendly place by giving easy access to English-speaking health specialists such as doctors, dentists, wellness coaches, but also lifestyle specialists with our healthy partners.

    Whether it is just for travel, business, or to move permanently, our goal is to help our members reduce the usual anxiety that moving to an unknown environment can create. We help sustain a healthy lifestyle by introducing unique places like organic restaurants, yoga studios, gyms, pilates, spas and hot springs among others. We also have our own blog where we regularly write about health and wellness in Japan.

    If you think our services aligns with your reader’s expectations, it would be awesome if you could write a quick article about it on your blog. If that sounds like something you would be interested in, please reach out to me at your convenience.


    Joris Besnier

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