Spartan Super Race 2016

One of the toughest and most challenging race I have ever participated in. We completed 12km+ and 29+ obstacles within 4 hours. A lot of running, climbing, and crawling across unknown terrain! Had to carry 20lbs sandbag (pancake carry) up and down steep terrain, pull up 20lbs heavy cement block to the top (hercules hoist), jump over 6ft to 8ft walls, dunk under muddy water, trek while holding a bucket filled with gravels, roll about 50m under barbed wire, etc… It is physically exhausting but the rewarding part is I got my very first medal for this year and hopefully, more to come! I would really love to join a triathlon next.. or take my passport to join an international race.

So.. Anyone keen in joining the bubble glow 5km on this coming 21st May? #FeelTheGlow

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