Day 2 of Nepal Trip

5 September 2016 (Monday)


Greeted with this rich and colourful morning view when I woke up for the breakfast at the hotel’s balcony restaurant..


My breakfast, with a view overlooking Tribhuvan International Airport.


Had the hotel’s receptionist to help me book a taxi to my next hotel, Hotel Shanker.


Cosy hotel room with king-sized bed to have a good rest.. Just the way I like it.


At this point of time, I thought of someone who said will fulfil my dreams and bring me to Nepal but seriously, anyone who is fit and healthy with a strong pair of walking legs can make it here.


Went to the travel desk and booked the Day tour to visit 3 UNESCO World Heritage Site for USD 40, which excludes the entrance fees. I have lost count of the UNESCO sites I have visited.


Bhaktapur City


The first UNESCO World Heritage Site that I have visited is Bhaktapur City. There is an entrance fee of around Rs. 1000 to 1500 per person and part of the money I believe goes into the restoration and conservation of the city. Some of the buildings are still badly damaged from the April 2015 Nepal earthquake.


A ‘selfie’ with the local guide Raju, whom has given a good presentation of the city.


Bhaktapur Pottery Square


Watching the potters at work


Buffalo slaughtered by the butchers. Look at all the different type of sharp knife they used.. Grosssssss…


Need to take a break from all the non stop walking and rest my legs to have lunch. Lunch consists of this traditional cuisine Dal Bhat, most widely eaten dish in Nepal.


Pashupatinath Temple


The Pashupatinath Temple is a famous, sacred Hindu temple and it is also on UNESCO World Heritage Site. The entrance fees is Rs. 500. Over here, you can witness cremation of the dead body here on the banks of the Bagmati river and it was an eye-opening experience to see actual ‘Hindu Funeral Rites’, which some of the scenes I find it disturbing to watch.


Family members helping to dress up the corpse and preparing for the body to be cremated next.




Believe me, as much as I look calm, I was a little glorified by the open-air cremation and I had some difficulties to sleep when I went back hotel that night. Had to occupy my thoughts by doing some light reading instead.

On a lighter note, you can pay about USD 5 to USD 10 to take photographs with the extremely photogenic Holy men (Sadhu). Expensive siol~

Just had to strike some pose to blend in with the Holy men and the photos did turn out pretty nice.





The Great Boudha Stupa


The 3rd UNESCO World Heritage Site that I have visited is The Great Boudha Stupa, also known as Boudhanath. Boudhanath Stupa is the largest stupa in Nepal and the holiest Tibetan Buddhist temple outside Tibet. I manage to spot some Tibetans wearing their traditional costume.



I have seen pictures of my batch boy turning the prayer wheels in Nepal so I also want to turn. Turn the small prayer wheels to the bigger ones..

The video of me turning the bigger prayer wheel looks exactly like the Tibetan monk turning the prayer wheel on the cover page of the Lonely Planet book that I borrowed from the library.


The top part of the stupa is undergoing some restoration work but the Great Boudha Stupa is still standing tall and is a magnificent beauty on its own.

…..To be continued for Day 3…


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