Day 3 of Nepal

6 September 2016 (Tuesday)


These few days I have been a sleepyhead, catching up on my sleep deprivation but still…. I want to complete my blog posts.

On the 3rd day at Nepal, I booked a Day tour from the travel desk to visit another 3 attractions, Dakshinkali Temple, Pharping and Kirtipur. I had the whole car to myself, like a VVIP. Hehe..

Judging from the road condition that I had been here in Nepal for the past few days, it is dangerous for any inexperienced drivers to drive here and I think you can’t rent a car here without a driver too.


It began to rain a little but it did not put a damper on my spirits to sightsee~


The roosters are so plump!

Spotted the two ladies wearing ethnic dressing and they requested to be in my photo also.


Dakshinkali Temple

The approach to Dakshinkali Temple from the bus stand/ car park winds through a religious bazaar. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Kali and only Hindus can enter the temple courtyard where the image of Kali resides. Non-hindus/ visitors can watch from the surrounding terraces which I did.




The next destination was Pharping. As a solo traveller, there is always bound to have strangers approaching you to be your tour guide but just give a firm ‘NO’ answer to them if you don’t need one.






The last destination is Kirtipur, an ancient city of Nepal.



Then it was back to hotel after the end of the tour and I went to the hotel’s restaurant to have an early dinner. Had the best combination of chicken butter masala with butter naan. Sinfully delicious and I like to dip the naan into the gravy.. The gravy was so good that I asked for second serving. Gosh…..I feel like eating it again!!! Good food makes me happy and it is very true!

….To be continued for Day 4…

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