Day 4 of Nepal

7 September 2016 (Wednesday)


I booked my coach ticket to travel from Kathmandu to Pokhara the night before from the travel desk at Hotel Shanker. A ‘selfie’ moment with the waitress in ethnic wear..


It was more than 6 hours coach ride to reach Pokhara and the traffic condition was quite bad. Despite the bumpy ride over dangerous terrain, I was treated with some beautiful scenery.


Lush greenery


“Silly pose”




Ala-carte lunch which was included in the coach fare and mixing the chow mien with tomato paste make it taste like eating spaghetti.



Hotel Pokhara

Not a fantastic choice of accommodation as there is foul stench from the toilet and also I experienced more than 3 times of power outage in this hotel. Did a quick search on the internet for other choices and also went surveying around the vicinity, this hotel is still a better choice that I can find in Pokhara.


As I was discussing the tour package with the operator, this boy clad in red t-shirt dashed right in which startled me a little. Gave him some lemon sweets and he liked it.. Moments after I rented this motorbike, there was a sudden burst of heavy rain. Siannnn…but what immediately came to my mind was to get a poncho and find a restaurant to eat at..


Drenched by rain and extremely hungry from all the long journey, I was really glad to find this Chinese restaurant. Steamboat often goes hand-in-hand with cold weather to stay warm. Shiok shiok!


….To be continued for Day 5….


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