Day 5 of Nepal

8 September 2016 (Thursday)


Phewa Lake


After having my complimentary breakfast, I took a short walk to Phewa Lake.


That’s my picture perfect moment with a white horse and this is also one of my favorite photo that I have taken in Nepal. I have had experiences riding on other animals like donkey, elephant, etc while I was overseas before so this wasn’t new. 


Astonishing landscape of lush greenery 


That’s the horse owner, an orphan since young and whose uncle owns a ranch in Nepal. While I was riding on the horse, he walked throughout the entire 4 hours journey. Great stamina! 


I love horse but I also felt quite guilty  cos I have ever eaten horse sashimi when I was in Japan. 


At one of the highest viewpoint in Sarangkot.. 


It was exhilarating to be standing up at a high attitude of 1600m to marvel at the breathtaking panoramic view of Pokhara, the second largest city of Nepal. Though I was excited to be standing so high up on this Mount Sarangkot, I had to be extra careful and not fall off. 不然真的粉身碎骨 😱


I felt a great deal of satisfaction and astounded with myself for being able to make my dream trip to Nepal happen. Young and fearless? Maybe? 

有时候,我觉得自己像一只小小鸟。想要飞啊飞~ 🕊️  好想再去许多美丽的国家..



Some of the beautiful pictures that I took while descending Mount Sarangkot. Went back to the hotel to take a small break before heading to Phewal Lake to have an early dinner. 

Rainy night in Pokhara, what a sight to behold

…. To be continued for Day 6….



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