First Bora Experience (Day 5)

Day 5- 6th August (Saturday)  

Just need to have my favorite Mango Ice at Halowich to cool down in the hot weather of Boracay.. It is one of the best restaurants in Boracay, located in D’mall. Yummy to the last drop… 🤗

Address: D’mall Boracay 0362 Malay, Aklan

Need to take an OOTD shot with the beautiful white beach that Boracay is well-known for.

This is the power boat that all of us, the tourists took to Crocodile Island for snorkeling in the open sea.

Happy.. Happy.. And I cannot contain my excitement for the coming great and amazing experience..😁😁😁

While waiting to reach the first destination Crocodile Island, might as well just spam some photos to document this epic trip..

First time wearing these snorkeling equipments siol ~

This is truly a great first in a lifetime snorkeling experience at Crocodile Island, Phillipines 😎 It felt so awesome to achieve it and tick off from my bucket lists.

The view under the water was amazing, you get to see a breath-taking collections of corals and a lot of small fishes. I am indeed mesmerised by this spectacular underwater view as the crystal clear waters make it one of the perfect spots for snorkeling.

I DIDDDDDD IT 太开心了✌️而且又好玩。Lifted up my mood sooo much!

The power boat docking at the second destination, Crystal Cove Island. 

Crystal Cove Island

We were supposed to do cliff jumping at this Magic Island but cannot jump due to bad weather conditions.

These underwater shots are taken with go pro camera and straight away can transfer into the phone to upload onto Facebook.

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