90-days solo trip in Japan


Some of my friends and acquaintances know I flew to Japan alone and stayed there for 90 days. None of them and also my family members are aware of all the experiences I had in Japan, so I will be updating this blog to let them know. No lah! My main purpose is to record of how I have done, eaten, felt, heard, seen and thought, and indulge in my reminiscence. My first time of travelling alone and visiting Japan, though my Japanese is not even on elementary level! I have done many things the first time too. Farming, hiking mountains alone, hitch-hiking and etc! Until now, I sometimes feel amazed for returned home in one piece. Farming can be dangerous!; I will illustrate when I share my WWOOF experience. Thus, I think my sharing on my 90-days solo trip in Japan may become a diary. I doubt…

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