Best Singapore Bloggers of 2016



I am delighted to share that I have been chosen to be on HomeAway’s list of outstanding bloggers of Singapore! Genuinely grateful for the feature and if you have noticed, I have added this lovely badge on the side section of my blog


Here’s a summation of my humble blog on HomeAway by Expedia and you can click on this link to visit the website. This photo of me was taken on my most recent trip to Nepal which I rented a motorbike to explore around the streets of Pokhara.

One of the blogs that is featured on the list that caught my eyes is Miss Tourist. I love how her blog is incredibly well-organized with extensive information on the destination she has travelled to.

Thinking of making some changes to my blog but before that, I need to focus on building up my strength and stamina for the next Spartan Beast Race that is held at Bintan, Indonesia on 19th November 2016. 21km! I hope I wont “Peng San” (- hokkien, literally mean faint) halfway at the race.. so really must train, train and TRAIN!


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