Scapetour Myanmar introduces the FRESH way to travel 

Scapetour Myanmar introduces the FRESH way to travel

By: Michael Santiago

Out with the old, in with the new. Thanks to the reforms implemented over the past years, today, Myanmar is finally metamorphosing to become ASEAN’s next economic superstar.

The significant increase in the presence of foreign brands, a new international airport and the rise of food courts where customers pay with reloadable cards reflects how much has changed in Myanmar. Same thing goes in the tourism sector; fresh business concepts are now being introduced to address the ever-increasing influx of tourists.

And a trailblazer on this is Scapetour, a homegrown brand with an aim to redefine tourism experience in Myanmar.

Scapetour Myanmar is pioneering a new era of experiencing Myanmar, the fresh way

Photo credit: Scapetour Myanmar online

Kyaw Lin Oo, the man behind it, believes that a well-developed tourism industry will bring better opportunities for entrepreneurs, economy, and the local communities.

“There’s more to see in Myanmar than just staying in Yangon or Mandalay, and Scapetour is willing to take a shot to provide tourists with better ways to see and understand more of the country’s rich culture and heritage.”

Indeed, change has finally come in this once sleepy country. Tourism is now one of Myanmar’s key drivers of growth. Last year alone, it contributed 4.1% to the country’s GDP and is seen to increase in the coming years, even forecasted to bring a total of 2.1 million employment opportunities from 2015-2026.

The impressive figures, as well as the robust economic activities, continue to lure more local and foreign investors, thereby creating a future scenario of stiffer competition in a more demanding market. Should that happen, planning things ahead of time is a must.

On this, Kyaw, Executive Director of Scapetour gives a good example on how realigning the existing technologies with the needs of the market can generate a ripple of ideas that can harness the potential of tourism as a catalyst for sustained growth:

“Normally, tourists have to go to local bus ticketing agents and buy at the counter with cash. It’s time-consuming and quite a hassle for tourists who are just new to the country. And you won’t be sure whether tickets are available too. If you are just visiting Myanmar for a couple of days, you don’t want to waste your time finding a bus ticketing agent, you just simply want to go to the bus station and show your ticket for onboarding like a flight. And that’s where Scapetour enters the scene.”

True enough, the company pioneered the concept of “FRESH travel arrangement” for all types of travelers.

The “FRESH travel arrangement” actually stands for

  • F – FAST
  • E – EASY
  • S – SAFE

The concept of “FRESH travel arrangement” allows travellers the options to choose how they would like to roam around in Myanmar.

“Now, many of our customers who are visiting Bagan, they just simply book bus tickets from their mobile phones or computers in advance to secure a bus seat and when they arrive at Yangon airport, they just go directly to the bus station for their next trip to Bagan rather than worrying about getting last-minute bus tickets,” Kyaw added.


Scapetour aims to do its business through incorporating solid business practices with technology and fresh ideas

Photo credit: Scapetour Myanmar online

Scapetour’s FRESH travel arrangement currently consists of online bus ticketing system, private car rentals, airport transfers and hot air balloon tours. Aside from that, it is contributing in terms of laying the foundations to make the country’s hidden scenic spots finally accessible to the world.

When asked what’s next, Kyaw was confident upon giving the assurance that “…more things are in store for our patrons, and those are set to redefine how sightseeing should be done, the hassle-free way, so standby as we unveil our new services and enhancements on our FRESH travel arrangement system in the coming months.”

In just a span of a year, Scapetour has already served a few thousands of satisfied travelers with its reliable and hassle-free travel service. It’s still a small number compared to the rest of the market that is waiting to be served, but the launching of the FRESH travel arrangement system provided the team behind it a good perspective on how they can operate on a larger scale in the most effective and exciting way.

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