An Adventurous Weekend Getaway to Bintan (Day 2)

Bintan, Indonesia

19 November 2016 (Saturday)

Our day begins with the complimentary breakfast buffet spread at the hotel’s restaurant

Good selection of buffet spread with Asian and Western delights

What I ate:

Cornflakes with fresh milk, Soya milk and Strawberry yogurt

Scrambled eggs (slightly overcooked) and omelette

Curry chicken, tomato, baked beans and chicken sausage

Before the race look with determined look.. I am going to chiong, chiong and chiong! I guess I came pretty well prepared as I was clocking at least 10km run on the treadmill thrice a week to train for this race.

‘Welfie’ before we have to run 21km+ and tackle all the 30+ tough obstacles


At the start line, getting all hyped up for the race

Some of the signature Spartan obstacles – Big cargo net, Inverted Wall, Sand Bag Carry, River Crossing, Tire Drag, Log Hop and many more.

A variety of physical challenges and getting through any Spartan Race course quickly requires strength, speed and skills to conquer each obstacle effectively. Good thing is I didn’t “Peng San” (faint) and even succeeded to complete the entire race. No matter what, safety comes first!

Striking an act cool pose


Thankful to have my Brother running side by side with me in this race. Though I do not reckon that I will be able to complete the race as a Lone Ranger. It is a great team effort pushing and motivating each other to complete this Spartan Beast Race, dubbed as one of the world toughest race.


Workout details of our 21km+ run

The feeling of accomplishment and another medal added to my collection for all the dedicated and committed hard work.


Drenched in rain, sweat, mud, sand but we definitely have a smashing good time conquering all these tough obstacles with our physical capabilities. Tired but it was well worth it. We are the SPARTANS! Well done, guys! Aroo!

….End of Day 2….

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