Upcoming Media Trip to Bangkok & Amphawa (Part 2)


Weather Forecast (2nd to 5th December 2016)

December is the coldest month of the year in Thailand with daily average temperature around 26 degree Celsius. The temperatures during December are not as high as other other times of the year and vary between 23 to 33 degree Celsius, making it an ideal time to visit Thailand.


Singapore (GMT+8) is one hour ahead of Bangkok, Thailand (GMT +7)


2:45PM Tuesday, in Singapore is

1:45PM Tuesday, in Bangkok, Thailand


Many tourists preparing a trip to Thailand may be confused about the dress code following the death of the King. Most Thai locals will be dressed in black or white clothing as a display of respect to the late King but this is not compulsory for the tourists. However, tourists should refrain from wearing bright color clothings during this mourning period.

The weather during December see slightly lower temperature but it is still very hot and you should consider practicality and convenience while packing for Thailand. Some historical attractions may not let you in unless you are dressed appropriately to show respect toward the culture.


Photo Credit: Google Image

1 SGD =24.9862THB

(as of 29 Nov’16)


End of Part 2

Click to view Part 1 of my upcoming media trip to Bangkok and Amphawa.

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