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I’m a lover of Japanese cuisine so when I received an email from Japan PR Agency, I accepted the media invitation right away to attend the HELLO NIIGATA Pre-screening trailer. One of the highlights of this media invitation is we get to taste Niigata-style Sushi Gozen, a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner.

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The HELLO NIIGATA event was held at Tomi Sushi Novena.

I have visited this beautiful country Japan a few times during my flying career, and the incredible Japanese cuisine is something that shouldn’t be missed when you are in the Land of Rising Sun. An unforgettable meal that I had in Tokyo was at Tsukiji Fish Market, where my ex-boyfriend and I had to queue in the cold for nearly up to 3 hours to dine at this popular restaurant (Sushi Dai), an ultimate holy grail for sushi lovers.

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Many Japanese take great pride in their food, and serving their cuisine to a high standard. We were impressed by the freshness of the food served at Tomi Sushi and how delicious the sashimi was. Not only our taste buds were pleasantly pleased by the food, our eyes were also treated to a gastronomic experience as the traditional multi-course Japanese dinner was presented to us in an exquisite manner.

If I am dining alone at a Japanese restaurant, I could much prefer to sit at the counter and order my food directly with the sushi chef while watching the live performance of Sushi-making. The best sushi experience happens when the sushi go from the hand of the chef to your mouth.


Here is the proud owner of Sado Aida Rice Farming Inc., introducing to us the Aida Koshihikari rice variant cultivated from the Sado oyster-shell rice farming method.


Onigiri made from Niigata’s premium Aida Koshihikari rice


Fans of Japanese cuisine, not to worry if you are unable to visit Niigata or Japan, you can still visit Tomi Sushi to satisfy your cravings for Japanese food

How To Get There:

  • Address: 238 Thomson Road, #02-76/77 Novena Square (Velocity), Singapore 307683
  • Tel: 6255 2355
  • Opening Hours:
    Lunch : 11:30am~3:00pm(L.O 2:30pm)
    Dinner : 5:30pm~10:00pm(L.O 9:30pm)
  • Website:

The 2 episode TV program Hello Niigata will be airing on MediaCorp TV channel on okto channel primetime slot on 29 December 2016 and 5 January 2016 (Thursday) at 9pm. For more information on Niigata prefecture of Japan, please refer to

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