Amazing Thailand (Day 2, Part 3)

1730 hrs Dinner at NETA Fish & Meat (Buffet)

We have our dinner at NETA Fish & Meat and this is the first and only Japanese style buffet restaurant in Ratchada area that serves over hundred of delicious dishes. For as low as 499 Baht, diners can enjoy variety of dishes in 90 minutes.

Address: The Street Ratchada. Bangkok Thailand

Phone: +66 2 121 1992


Oh… I love to eat salmon and salmon contains high levels of healthy omega-3 fats. Salmon is my favourite fish and I like to eat it raw or seared, which slightly intensifies the flavour of the fish. The fortunate thing is that no matter how much I eat, I do not put on much weight and my BMI is within healthy range.

1830 hrs Transfer to Rot Fai Market Ratchada


We visited Rot Fat Market Ratchada, a hipster market which originated at a disused railway yard in Bang Sue. Rot Fai Market Ratchada is located near the city at Thailand Cultural Centre MRT Station, which is significantly closer to the city and much easier to access than the bigger Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin.

You can also chill and enjoy a drink at one of the cool pubs, or simply go shopping at the many local stalls. Too little time, too much to shop at this hipster market! There is everything that one expects to find at Rot Fai Market Ratchada.

2000 hrs Transfer to Divana Nurture Spa



Massage is what I always look forward during an overseas trip! Divana Nurture Spa  is a luxury spa concept and service here is top-notch! We experience the Phikat Bua Prakob Remedy Wellness Spa Program, easing the soreness of body through the application of Authentic Thai massage remedy. It is a total indulgence, you feel so pampered and relaxed in a bind treatment along with the healthy benefits of the “Phikat Bua Prakob”, a legendary herbal compress that adds up to the bona fides of therapeutic treat. Divana Nurture is certainly a place for the wealthy “tai tai” who has the money to splurge and indulge in the much needed relaxing massage.

– End of Day 2, Part 3 –



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