Amazing Thailand (Day 3, Part 1)

4th December 2016


Complimentary breakfast at hotel

0800 hrs Depart for Nang Loeng Market Walking Tour


Murals depicting the different stages of life

Death and illness are morbid subjects to talk about and I have friends’ parents passed away or like my secondary school friend passed away due to leukaemia two years ago. When I was a flight attendant, I also have to face such situations and no matter what sort of emergency situations arise, we still have to regain our composure and provide immediate assistance. I try not to be a busybody and probe too much unless they choose to share with me, likewise, I do not like others probing into my personal life too. Everyday is a gift to be alive and I am thankful for it.

Never like to visit tombs or cemetery as it sends a chill down my spine.

0800 hrs Depart for Nang Loeng Market Walking Tour


This is one of the oldest surviving bakery serving traditional Thai dessert. Can you believe that the shop owner is 88 years old and has been in this trade since her youth?

We were treated to the freshly made yummy Thai dessert and I like the yam paste.

These are all the delicious Thai dessert made by the shop owner.


Cannot help but wonder how will I look when I am old. I think I can only slow down the aging process by using the correct and proper skincare products.


They look like two best friends sharing close-knit relationship.

The Bang Loeng Market Walking tour also includes food tasting of the local delicacies.

1100 hrs Lunch at local restaurant (part of Nang Loeng Market Walking Tour)

Nom.. Nom.. Nom.. I do not have any dietary restrictions so I can enjoy all the amazing feast.


1200 hrs Transfer to TrueLove @ Neverland

 We then visited the only husky café at Bangkok, TrueLove @ Neverland. TrueLove @ Neverland is a heaven for all dog lovers and especially the huskies lovers.

Meet MOMO (the white dog on the right picture), she is my favourite dog in the café! MOMO steals the limelight from time to time even though the huskies are the stars.

Interacting with the huskies does put a smile on one’s face because they are simply too adorable! These huskies feed on ice and carrots as their daily staple. The fur of Siberian husky is soft, nice to touch and these dogs are so cute to cuddle with.

WAH.. WAH.. WAH! The café owner is good looking! Anyway, he is trying to attract the dog’s attention to look at the camera. I want to find a boyfriend but the first and foremost criteria is the hair cannot look like balding. Secondly, facial complexion has to be good with no pimples. Thirdly, cannot be too touchy. Still waiting patiently for the right one to appear in my life…

 Feeding time for the huskies!

Cakes and drinks are available too!

– End of Day 3, Part 1 –

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