Travel Guide to Switzerland (Day 1)


Geography of Switzerland

Switzerland is surrounded by 5 countries: Germany to the north, Italy to the south, Austria and Liechtenstein to the east and France to the west. Due to the country’s unique geographical location, there are four official languages; German, Italian, Romansh and French. English is also widely spoken and understood in Switzerland.


Switzerland has 8 major airports commonly used by tourists as shown on the map:

Switzerland is rated as one of the most expensive travel destination in Europe, however, it is possible to travel the country on a budget. It may be difficult to plan but it is definitely achievable. There are so much to see with so little time. You may ask how to plan your one week trip to Switzerland? To help you get started on planning for your trip to Switzerland, I’ve listed out the top places to visit in this most beautiful country in the world. Here is my recommended itinerary:


Day 1 – Arriving in Zurich

It was a work trip and my company provided us with accommodation in this 4-star rated hotel, Crowne Plaza Zurich.

Crowne Plaza Zurich

Address: Badenerstrasse 420, Zurich 8040, Switzerland

Tel: 800 186 1081 Email:


The city is divided into the Old Town and the New Town. Many houses that are historically and architecturally interesting with authentic feel still exist in the Old Town. Whereas the New Town has some very fine streets, mainly composed of suburbs and surrounding townships.

Zurich Old Town. Photo Courtesy of Sygic Travel

In this historical district, you can enjoy the slower pace of life and dine in one of many exquisite restaurants. Switzerland is famously known for the finest quality of cheese and home to about 450 varieties of cheese.


  • Lunch at Restaurant Swiss Chuchi

If you’ve never tried Swiss fondue, I’ll recommend Restaurant Swiss Chuchi, a popular spot with tourists and locals. Cheese addicts will love dipping the cubes of bread into this pot of bubbling, gooey Swiss cheese fondue.

Restaurant Swiss Chuchi

Address: Rosengasse 10, Zurich 8001, Switzerland

Tel: +41 44 266 96 96



  • Swimming at Lake Zurich

Zurich offers plenty of splendid opportunities for a swim and the water is cleaner than in most European cities. Lake Zurich is one of the best places to take a refreshing dip and the lake itself is so beautiful that you just want to sit beside it and feed the swans.


  • Dinner at Vapiano

I adore Italian food and I’ll recommend this restaurant called Vapiano, which is taking a unique spin on Italian dining. At Vapiano, you’re in charge and can choose which pasta you prefer and the chef will cook. The restaurant has an open concept kitchen and you can see your food being prepared right in front of you.

Address: Kalanderplatz 9, Zurich 8045, Switzerland

Tel: +41 44 201 15 25


– End of Day 1 –


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