Travel Guide to Switzerland (Day 7)

Day 7 – Preparation for departure back Home

Pack all your belongings and make sure that you have not left anything behind in the hotel room before heading to the airport for your flight departure. The tip is to pack your luggage the night before and remember not to have any LAG (liquid, Aerosol and Gel) that exceeds 100ml in your hand luggage. Next is scan through every corner of the room before checking out from the hotel. My own habit is that I try not to have my “barang barang” (singlish meaning belongings) leaving all over the hotel room

Even as a frequent traveller, I also have my things like make up pouch, glasses, etc misplaced overseas and unable to find it or retrieve back. One of the worst situations that I have experienced myself as an ex flying crew is that I cannot find my make up pouch and I cannot look like I am not wearing any make up for work. Then you have to try your luck by calling the girl on the crew list that you are closer to on the flight to lend you theirs.

Also, seek help from the hotel’s receptionist the day before if the airport shuttle service is available to transport you to the airport for your flight departure.

-End of Day 7-


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