1. Introducing Davao
  2. How To Get There
  3. Must-Visit Places in Davao City
    •  Sleeping Dinosaur
    • Mount Hamiguitan
    • Subangan Museum
    • City Hall of Mati
    • Pujada Island
    • Summer Frolic 2017
    • Dahican Beach
    • President Duterte’s Residence



Davao is the gateway to the southern Philippines, a hub of commerce, industry and transportation in the southern Mindanao region. The city is hailed as one of the world’s safest cities and you do not have to fear about going out late at night because it is really safe. Davao is the hometown of current President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte and he has devoted many years to the development in Davao. There are many places of interest that are worth visiting in this city and in this blog entry, I will share about the attractions that we have visited during this four-day Davao trip.


I will also like to give a big shout out to Cebu Pacific Air Team for inviting me and together with the rest of the social media team for this fun-filled adventure to Davao.





Cebu Pacific Air (CEB) is the largest airline in the Philippines, offering its low fares and seats on twice weekly flights (Thur/Sun) between Singapore and Davao. For those who are keen to travel to Davao, you can book flights through this link here or their Singapore number  +65-3158- 0808. Flight time from Singapore to Davao is 3 hours 45 minutes.



  •  Sleeping Dinosaur



The Sleeping Dinosaur is one of the famous landmarks where many travellers will stop over for a photo opportunity. You can get a clear good view of sleeping Dinosaur Island from the viewing point on top of Barangay Badas. Sleeping Dinosaur is one of the most uniquely formed islands in the Philippines and the landscape resembles a dinosaur lying on its belly.

Barangay Dawan, Mati, Mindanao, Philippines


  • Mount Hamiguitan



Mount Hamiguitan is a mountain located in the province of Davao Oriental, Philippines and has a height of 1,620 metres. The wildlife sanctuary is known for its century-old trees and home to one of the most diverse wildlife populations in the county. It is the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mindanao and the sixth World Heritage site in the Philippines.




Mount Hamiguitan houses the Natural Science Museum, allowing visitors to have an interactive experience of UNESCO World Heritage Site. It also has a research center, cabins for visitors, mountain trails, tree top adventures, hanging bridge, bird watching, butterfly trails, camping grounds and gardens.




There were binoculars to look through and you can see some of the endangered, endemic and rare species of flora and fauna like the pitcher plant.


  • Subangan Museum



The Subangan Museum features the rich cultural and natural heritage of the Province of Davao Oriental. As you enter Subangan Museum, you will be greeted by an enormous sperm whale skeleton. The huge sperm whale skeleton is 7th largest in world exhibits and was found in the shores of Davao Oriental.




There is also a section in Subangan Museum dedicated to Typhoon Pablo, the strongest tropical cyclone to ever hit Mindanao. It was heart wrenching to learn about the fatalities and devastating effect caused to the communities and farmlands by this deadliest storm ever recorded in history. This is the reminder that we are blessed to be born in Singapore as we are the country at the lowest risk of natural disasters. In terms of natural disasters, Singapore is in the fortunate position on the geographical map of being encased by our neighboring southeast asia countries.

Mati, Davao Oriental, Philippines


  • City Hall of Mati



We also had the great honor to meet with the Provincial Governor of Davao Oriential, Nelson Dayanghirang. When we were told that we are going to have an interactive dialogue session with the Provincial Governor, I was thinking, “Wow! We are going to meet an influential awe-inspiring political figure!”




During the interactive session, the provincial governor shared his thoughts on the region’s development and his future plans to further develop the region. The social media influencers took turn posting the governor questions about the future plan he envisioned for the city. Based on my personal observation during the trip, I felt that Davao is an up-and-coming city having a lot of potential to develop into a popular tourist destination.


However, a main issue I thought is that the aspect of public transportation mode is lacking within the city and there is room for improvement in the efficiency of the transportation system in Davao. It is clear that transport is a personal and political important matter in everyone’s lives for commuting to-and-fro from work and home. Solving and improving the transportation system will require the attention and careful long-term strategic planning by the government.


RAP_4664 (2)


Having the priceless photo taking moment with the Provincial Governor of Davao Oriental, Nelson Dayanghirang! He is such a humble fatherly figure and someone who is willing to listen and interact with people from all walks of life.




The social media influencers (Daniel & Gina, Sunrise Odyssey), (Keith, TravelInspiration360), me and (Sy, Sylistic.com) having the photogenic smile, posing outside the City Hall of Mati.

City Hall of Mati


  • Pujada Island



Another places-of-interest that is worth a visit is the Pujada Island.



We were transported to Pujada Island via a 40-minute  boat ride away from Blue Bless Resort in Mati City.




The island offers the perfect getaway for those who would like to escape the humdrum of city life without breaking the bank. Every city dwellers will love this carefree escapade to experience an ideal sanctuary of a beach life in Pujada Island.



Sharing a picture moment with Keith, TravelInspiration360


I have known about Keith and his blog a couple of years ago when he contacted me through Facebook, and I was one of the “travel bloggers” back then he asked for tips about “blogging”. Over these years, his blog has flourished with him and he has a great number of followers on his Instagram and Facebook.




The weather was perfect for the beach boys and girls to enjoy ourselves and we had an amazing sunshiny day on Pujada Island.




Who doesn’t love spending great time with fun filled activities in a stunning pristine soft white sands beach, soaking up the sun and vitamin D in Summer?



New Phototastic Collage.jpg

There are a variety of fun beach activities such as snorkerlling in deep clear blue waters of Pujada Bay, kayaking or making sandcastles to have a good day on this island.




For beach goers, you will absolutely love a trip to Pujada Island, the beautiful unexploited paradise with memorable beach moment.

Pujada Island, Mati, Philippines


  • Summer Frolic 2017


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Summer Frolic is an annual party in Mati, one of the most happening and celebrated music parties that attracts thousands of tourists to flock to the city.



The party is all about the celebration of life through good music and featured international music artists such as Marnik, Ron Poe, Jet Boado and more spinning to bring the party vibes alive and keep the crowd hyped up. Lively and awesome event of foam, loud and live music and everything that is party and celebration.




Awesome to be part of the electronic dance music event and more so to party the night away with the epic party squad. The rain doesn’t bother our strong spirits to enjoy freely and party all night long.



The clock is ticking, running out of time so we should party all night.


  • Dahican Beach


Dahican Beach is known for frisbee, surfing and skim-boarding activities. It is also one of the most-visited beaches in the Philippines during Summer especially around the period of Summer Frolic festival.



A lot of us are surely planning for beach getaways to kick off summer and you shouldn’t miss your dose of vitamin sea at this stunning Dahican beach.



The social media team has a friendly frisbee competition with the pro players and must I say we have a good sweaty workout. It is good to work out frequently to get your adrenaline pumping through your body. Talking about exercising, I am contemplating to sign up for a new sport that is high intensity and can help me get back in curvy shape.




Oh…. I haven’t seen that wide grin on me in such a long time and the positive emotions within me. I am a sporty person and I adore sport very much!


skimboarding .JPG

Another enjoyable beach activity is skim boarding. Skim boarding is a boardsport in which a skimboard is used to glide across the water’s surface to meet an incoming wave, and then ride it back to shore.


Collage 2017-07-25 17_40_57

Skim boarding is not an easy and seemingly straightforward sport. It requires balance and a lot of deliberate practice. Practice does make perfect.



Sonny boy Yogi Aporbo’s demostration in skim-boarding! Yogi Aporbo is an international skim boarding champion who has clinched the expert divison title of Visit Davao Fun Sale (VDFS) National Skim Boarding.

Dahican Beach, Mati, Philippines


  • President Duterte’s Residence



President Duterte’s residence is located in Dona Luisa Subdivision in Matina, Davao City. The President usually stays in Manila from Mondays to Fridays, and returns to this residence during the weekend. When you are here, you cannot miss this opportunity to take selfies with his standee for keepsake outside the house.


Head to Davao and be prepared to “Relax. Explore. Repeat!”

It’s more FUN in the Philippines!

Time to pack your bag and fly to Davao!

You can book flights through this link or their Singapore number +65-3158-0808.


Don’t forget to add me on Instagram @Invinciblerene to get daily updates to my life as a globe trotter.



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