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Sanya is billed as “China’s Hawaii”  and this is the next best alternative for southeast Asians who want to experience the relaxing beach life but do not wish to travel so far to Honolulu. It has been on my travel bucket list for the longest time and this tropical paradise totally deserves on yours too!


Sanya is a booming tourist destination and is packed with a lot of water sports such a snorkelling, scuba-diving, jet-skiing and parasailing. The city is renowned for its tropical climate with sunshine all year around, temperatures hover around 25 degree Celsius even in January and 30 degree Celsius in the summer time. Yalong Bay, Dadonghai, Sanya Bay, Haitang Bay, Clear Water Bay are the 5 major beaches in Sanya Hainan Island.




The only direct flight from Singapore to Sanya is operated by Jetstar Asia. Travellers from Singapore can choose to fly directly, with twice weekly flight between Singapore and Sanya. Hainan Island will be a new favourite destination for the sun seekers from Singapore and travellers will now be able to get to Sanya in just three hours!



The hotels in Sanya are grand and the well-developed resort city are tree-lined with abundance of greenery. There are so many exquisite hotel properties to choose from for your holiday in Sanya that you will be so spoilt for choice! Individually, I pay special attention to booking hotel during holiday. Your enjoyment level of having a great and carefree holiday mood also depends on the hotel. After a long day of activities, you will be looking forward to a comfortable bed to get a good night sleep and feel well-rested. After browsing through the selections of hotels on hotel booking sites such as Expedia, and Agoda, I chose the two hotels as seen in the following:


  • Phoenix Island Resort Sanya

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Phoenix Island Resort Sanya is located in the heart of picturesque Phoenix Island, a man-made island connected by a bridge with the main island of Sanya. The access to Phoenix Island are only for hotel guests and I fancy this exclusivity and elevated celebrity treatment with world-class service at Phoenix Island Resort Sanya. The exterior of Phoenix Island Resort Sanya is impressive and stunning and I felt a sense of warm welcome as soon as I check in.




My deluxe king room features beautiful sea views and also an outdoor balcony bathtub. Indulging in the lifestyle of a relaxing and undisturbed holiday, do I not look like I am living the high life?


Building A, Phoenix Island, Sanya Wan Road, 572000 Sanya, China


  • Huayu Resort & Spa Yalong Bay Sanya

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Another choice of my accommodation in Sanya is Huayu Resort & Spa Yalong Bay Sanya. Huayu Resort & Spa is situated in the heart of Yalong Bay and the resort is well-recognized for its classical Chinese architecture with the nickname of ‘The Forbidden City of Yalong Bay’. I stay for 2 nights in the Grand King Room, a spacious room size of 68 m² with private bathroom.



The entire trip to this tropical paradise Sanya is an eptiome of being carefree, indulging in freedom and a great holiday mood.


Yalong Bay National Resort District, Sanya, Hainan, China, 572000



The ‘Hawaii’ of China is famous as a beautiful coastal city with mesmerising and breathtakingly sights that define China’s Sanya in a perfect manner. Sanya is richly endowed by nature with bright sunshine, crystal clear blue water and soft white sand beaches. There is so much that you can do in Sanya with the large number of attractions to visit that you do not know where to begin from! Here is a list of places of interest to visit in this tropical paradise:


  • Wuzhizhou Island


Wuzhizhou Island is a very popular small island situated in Haitang Bay, the northern city of Sanya. You will be pleased by the wide range of activities in Wuzhizhou Island such as diving, snorkeling, parasailing, banana boat, fishing and so on. Some activities are a little more adventurous and definitely not for the faint hearted!



Wuzhizhou Island can be reached by taking a 15-minute ferry ride from Wuzhizhou Island Wharf.



One of the must-try activities in Wuzhizhou island is scuba diving. Wuzhizhou Island is hailed as the NO.1 diving base of China and is an excellent spot for scuba diving with crystal clear blue sea that provide great visibility. The visibility underwater is so clear that your eyes can see the colorful coral reefs and tropical fishes of various colors.



Most divers will feel nervous on their first dive and taking the great leap off the dive boat requires a lot of courage. The first moment into the deep blue sea is breathtaking and absolutely fascinating. It was a little terrifying for me but I know it is critical to stay calm and not struggle fanatically inside the sea. It is important to get your breathing technique right when you are underwater and your breathing pattern should be: Exhale, inhale, pause. Exhale, inhale, pause. through your mouth slowly and deeply. Scuba diving can drop you into an amazing cool blue underwater world but it can also be a painful experience if you are not careful. Your ear drum may hurt as you dive deeper due to water pressure. If the ear pain is too unbearable, you can make a basic hand gesture to signal to your instructor to bring you back above water.



Scuba diving is one of my most enlightening experiences and I felt an immense sense of pride that I was able to conquer my fear and complete my bucket list.



However, for visitors who are afraid about scuba diving can still take an underwater tour in a glass-bottom boat to catch a glimpse of the underwater marvels.



This tour is friendly for guests of all ages especially for families with young children. Most children will love seeing these exotic fishes swimming behind glass.



Another family-friendly activity is you can take this slow moving small boat which you can control the directions and speed on your own.



I belong to the thrill seeker and another electrifying activity I tried was Jet Boat. This jet boat takes you speeding across the water, leaping over waves as you thunder through a series of high-speed tricks. Feel the adrenaline rush and scream at the top of your lungs as the jet boat perform high-speed 360 degree spins, slide and more. You will feel so exhilarated at the end of your wild ride when you step back on solid ground.



Wuzhizhou Island is a popular tourist destination that you should not miss a visit when you are in Sanya.


Wuzhizhou, Haitang, Sanya, China


  • Yalong Bay


Yalong Bay is one of the 5 major beaches in Sanya Hainan Island and you will find crystal clear water and white sand beach that is not as crowded as the other beaches. Yalong bay is the best place for you to unwind and enjoy beach life. The favourable climate in Sanya makes beach activities feasible all year round and has ideal flying conditions for parasailing. Parasailing is a wonderful way to explore the beautiful coastal scenery.


Yalong Bay, Jiyang, Sanya, China


  • Sanya Bay


When the speed boat was heading to the diving spot, I had second thoughts about taking the leap of faith off the boat. I was expecting that there will be at least a short theory lesson first but no, there isn’t. In fact, the diving instructor only spoke to me verbally in the water about the breathing techniques and basic hand signals. It is only a 5 minutes crash course and off we dive into the sea.



I believe I can dive~ I believe I can touch the corals~


Stay calm, breath slowly and deeply


It felt unbelievably real and it is literally the best thing I ever done in my life. Scuba diving is an activity I will strongly urge anyone to give it a try. You will instantly love this leisure sport!



Woah! The positive emotion showing on my face with the widest big grin! I have been thinking about scuba diving for the longest time and I DID IT! Yes, just do it! You go girl!



It is such an exciting yet invigorating experience for me to overcome my crippling fear of deep water and be able to truly experience the beauty of underwater world.


You have to add Sanya, The ‘Hawaii’ of China, this incredible destination to your travel bucket list! There are tons of activities that you can do in Sanya and you will love this tropical city as much as I do!


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