Why I Love My Gaston Luga Backpack!


Gaston Luga

Gaston Luga is a Swedish backpack retailer located in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. When I received an email from Gaston Luga about a collaboration together in the form of a product sponsorship, I was so thrilled and it was a YES from me right away! Anyway, who doesn’t love a suitable all-purpose functional yet stylish backpack?



Many avid travellers will love the idea of having their own personal style of backpack and I am elated to have found Gaston Luga that compliments me so well! Your backpack is the optimal companion when discovering the world and you will want to choose a brand like Gaston Luga that creates backpack with classic elegant style and practical details.


There are 3 models to choose from and they are namely, ClässicPråper and Clässy:


Clässic Elegant and timeless design


Pråper – Bold and elegant design


Clässy – Scandinavian minimalism mixed with elegance


Photo Courtesy of Gaston Luga


When I saw the range of bags on Gaston Luga official website, I fell in love with the minimalistic and elegant design of Gaston Luga. It was not easy for me to choose only 1 Gaston Luga backpack and of course, I want to choose more than 1!



It took me awhile to choose and in the end, I finally decided to go for the ‘Navy & Brown’ bag from the Pråper collection. Not an easy task to decide on the colour of Gaston Luga backpack because all of them are simply so gorgeous and you really want to pick the right colour that suits your personality.


What’s in my Gaston Luga bag


The interior of the backpack has a large pocket which can easily fit a 15 inch laptop and there are also 2 smaller pockets for your mobile phone or accessories. I love how spacious the bag is to store all my belongings.


The Gaston Luga backpack is great because:

  • Stylish design and practical for daily use
  • Made of thick and strong cotton fabric for durability
  • Fully feature with pockets galore


The dominant, simplistic and elegant design will make you look good in any situation. Be practical and stay stylish with Gaston Luga!


Now, the question is – How to order!


Good news for my readers of Irene’s Travel Blog! You can get an additional 15% off with this unique discount code “irenetravel” when you enter the code in the checkout page on Gaston Luga website. There is also a 20% off as tax rebate for any purchase made from non-EU country. It is free shipping to Singapore and I got my Gaston Luga backpack within 4 days. Very impressed with the fast and efficient delivery!



If you want to know more about Gaston Luga, you can check out Gaston Luga official website. You can also find them on Facebook or Instagram and be inspired to own one!


*Disclaimer: This is an advertorial post for Gaston Luga. I received a complimentary ‘Navy & Brown’ bag from the Pråper collection in exchange for writing a review on the blog, and opinions expressed are solely my own.


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