Top Best Things to do with 48 hours in Resorts World Genting!

I was overjoyed when I received an invitation by Resorts World Genting to review my experience in their resort, Resorts World Genting & Resorts World Langkawi. For an avid traveller like me, it is hard to say no to such an opportunity and all my friends know that I love to travel! One of the best places for a short weekend getaway for Singaporeans to enjoy cool weather is Genting, Malaysia and in this post, you will find the top best things to do here within 48 hours:



Stay in Hotel On The Park

Our cheerful faces as we check in to Hotel On The Park and welcome by the representatives from Resorts World Genting


Hotel On the Park is formerly known as the Theme Park Hotel and has a close proximity to the Sky Avenue lifestyle mall and Sky Casino. Hotel On The Park is a boutique hotel perfect for those who are looking for affordable, comfortable and convenient accomodation in Genting, Malaysia.


The hotel’s new concept namely ‘all you see in not all you get’ allows guests to walk into the 8,000 sq ft lobby and be dazzled by a bank of trick mirrors that underscores the sensation of a new world of creative madness, mirroring Alice’s reaction as she fell into the rabbit hotel in the classic Lewis Carrol story – Alice in Wonderland. The interior décor is designed to make it a fun hotel and at every point of your stay, you will find quirky and playful décor that is bound to brighten up your mood.



Most of the rooms in Hotel On The Park feature a tatami-style raised platform on which are two queen sized beds. I like how brightly lifted my room is with crisp white wall colours which let the hotel guests to feel comfortable and fresh during their staycation.



Burger & Lobster @ Sky Avenue, Resort World Genting


Rejoice for fans of Burger & Lobster! Burger & Lobster is known for serving succulent and delicious whole lobster, lobster roll and burger. Huge fans of this UK restaurant chain will be delighted to know that Burger & Lobster has made its Asian debut at Resorts World Genting! Burger & Lobster is one of the great drawing factors for Singaporeans to travel to Genting and isn’t this a wonderful reason to visit Resorts World Genting now to satisfy your craving?


The girl who loves lobster!



The only one and good reason that why I have accepted this media invitation by Resorts World Genting is I want to eat lobster! I have been missing Burger & Lobster for the longest time ever since I have not fly to London anymore.


Taken in Burger & Lobster, Soho, London. Mar’13


Taken in Burger & Lobster, Soho, London. Nov’14


Taken in Burger & London @ Sky Avenue, Resort World Genting. Aug’17


When the waitress presented me with my plate of steam whole lobster, I could hardly contain my excitement anymore and I want to dig in! It is so obvious that I am a foodaholic and I look satisfied, isn’t it? I have a lot of fond memories of the good old days in London and how I will definitely make a visit to Burger & Lobster everytime without fail. Memories… Good Ol’ Memories…



What’s my verdict? Kudos to Burger & Lobster, you never fail to amaze me back in London and also now in Resorts World Genting! The food standard taste almost exactly the same in London and I am sure the first SEA outlet of Burger & Lobster will entice many Singaporeans to come on up to Resorts World Genting!


Cafés Richard @ Sky Avenue, Resorts World Genting


Another restaurant that is worth visiting in Resorts World Genting is Cafés Richard. I like the outdoor al fresco seating area with natural bright setting that is perfect for Instagram shots.



Over at Cafés Richard, you can enjoy the taste of Paris without visiting Paris. Cafés Richard has a classy Parisian-style atmosphere where you can experience the genuine French art of living. This is a great place to enjoy a good cup of freshly brewed coffee over a lazy afternoon.



Life moves at such a fast pace before we can really enjoy it. Just me being me, enjoying a slower-paced afternoon instead of rushing off and taking time to enjoy whatever I’m doing to appreciate the beauty of the Parisian-style décor at Cafés Richard.


La Fiesta @ Sky Avenue, Resorts World Genting


Resorts World Genting is especially famous as a gaming destination but now this integrated resort has much more to offer with more than 70 retail and dining outlets opened so far at the latest lifestyle mall Sky Avenue. Another dining outlet that I would recommend to dine at in Sky Avenue is this authentic tapas spanish restaurant La Fiesta. You can indulge in a taste of Spain in La Fiesta, one of the latest restaurants in Resorts World Genting’s conscious effort in building up it culinary credentials.



I had the chance to go into the open kitchen to see and know more about the food preparation and it is from here that some of Spain’s signature flavours emerge.



One of the signature dishes serve in La Fiesta is the Seafood Paella and this is the most representative dish of Spain. Every mouthful is simply so delicious and you will go ooh la la ~ to food haven.


Photo Courtesy of g0ldeng0h, Co-Founder of Trippin’ Creatives


Other tapas dishes to check out are the Calamares a la Andaluza (Deep-fried Calamari with Garlic Mayonnaise), Albondigas Con Sepia (Pork and Beef meatballs with Cuttlefish), Presa Iberica (Vermouth marinated and pan-seared shoulder), Salmorejo (Cold tomato cream soup with tuna & ham), Crema Catalana (Caramelised custard cream) and Churros Rellenos (Nutella filled churros).



Eduardo Ortega Ramos, the outlet manager of La Fiesta is from Madrid, Spain and he also explains to us the concept behind La Fiesta. The photo taken made us look like the wax figures at Madame Tussaud.



With a seating capacity for 90 people, La Fiesta is designed in a traditional Catalan eatery style and the restaurant has a romantic charm with tiled arches and muted lighting.



La Fiesta is certainly a restaurant worth visiting to sample delectable food with friends over to enjoy a good one or two glasses of cocktails and have a pleasurable dining experience.


Malaysian Food Street @ Sky Avenue, Resorts World Genting


You should not miss the food delights at Malaysian Food Street in Resorts World Genting. The concept of Malaysian Food Street has an unique old-town ambience and this is where you get to indulge in some of Malaysia’s finest and famous hawker fare. The social media influencers even get to meet Chef Leong himself, the man who is behind in cooking all these delicious hawker food. Chef Leong is a very hospitable chef, making sure that we are all well fed.



It is a food-filling day with all these mouth watering popular street food serve to us! Malaysian street food can be really hard to resist and you will be familar with some of these popular and authentic street food dishes from the Peninsula range from KL Claypot Rice to Penang Kway Teow to Hainanese Chicken Rice and much more.


Chendol Lover

I cannot leave without satisfying my craving for chendol and I love the sweetness of gula melaka. Got to satisfy my sweet tooth!


SeniKome Péng Hēng


The direct translation of Seni Kome is “Our Art”. The Singapore Bloggers Glam Squad explore the highlights of the cultural and heritage museum in greater depth through the guided experience tours. SeniKome Péng Hēng is a one-stop attraction that brings a vibrant element of Malaysia heritage to life. This is where you take a journey through time and discover the fascinating history of Peninsular Malaysia.



This traditional Malay musical instrument is called the ‘Bonang’ and they are typically hit with padded sticks (tabuh) to produce the sound. Action bedek only posing with the ‘Bonang’ and ‘Taduh’.



In Seni Kome, you will also find the display of ‘Congkak’, a traditional game of Malay origin played in Southeast Asia as well as other traditional Malay games like zero-point, five stones and Capteh. These are the games that remind me of my childhood memories in primary school.


Awana Skyway’s new cable car system at Genting Highlands


I believe many will remember the nostalgic memories of taking cable car as a kid with your family in Resorts World Genting. The new cable car system Awana Skyway is now located at the new Awana Transportation Hub and the thrilling ride up the mountain begins at Awana station. There is an option of alighting at two stops (Chin Swee station or SkyAvenue station) to explore the attractions around Resorts World Genting.



There are 99 available cable cars and only 10 are fitted with glass floor. Inside the glass floor cable car, visitors can get a spectacular bird’s eye view of the rainforest surrounding Resorts World Genting.


Chin Swee Caves Temple


The Chin Swee Caves Temple is a Taoist temple and is situated in the most scenic site of Resorts World Genting. The Chin Swee Temple is easily accessible by the Awana Skyway and from the top, you can enjoy magnificient views of the rainforest. Some of the prominent structures include a 50-feet high Buddha statue and the temple attracts many local and foreign devotees.


The Singapore Bloggers Glam Squad with the Eight Immortals


Wonderful great weather and cool climate to be in to escape from the hot and humid weather in Singapore. Happy and my dimple is showing!


I don’t know about tomorrow. I just live for day to day until I got lucky to win the next TOTO draw.


Don’t forget to add me on Instagram @Invinciblerene to get daily updates to my life as a globe trotter.


I will like to give my heartfelt appreciation to Resorts World Genting for organizing this media FAM trip and also special thanks to the representatives of RWG, Irene Teng, Jay-Ann Tan, Kah Mun and Roybn for bringing us around and ensuring that we are in safe hands. Terima kasih!


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