Top Best Things to do with 48 hours in Resorts World Langkawi!


My last post was all about the Top Best Things that you can do in Resorts World Genting within 48 hours and in this post, you will find everything you need to know if you’re travelling to Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah. Langkawi has so many places of interest to visit and here is the travel guide about Langkawi focusing on nature and adventure.



Langkawi is an archipelago of 104 islands on the Malaysian west coast and the islands are the part of the state of Kedah. Langkawi is also officially known as Langkawi, the jewel of Kedah. It is said that the abundance of Eagles led the inhabitants to name this archipelago as “Langkawi” and according to folklore, the name of Langkawi came from two Malay words – “helang” (eagle) and “kawi” (reddish brown) and hence the name Lang-Kawi.


Photo Courtesy of g0ldeng0h, Co-Founder of Trippin’ Creatives


Have you spotted a Brahminy Kite eagle on Langkawi?


As you explore Langkawi, remember to look up the skies as they are dominated by these magnificent birds and you are most likely be able to spot the two most common species namely White-Bellied Fish Eagle and Brahminy Kite eagle circling overheard, searching for its next meal.



My Langkawi Adventure

Watch this incredible video created by Wilson Wong, founder of WilzWorkz Photo & Travels, showing you how the Singapore Bloggers Glam Squad spend our best 48 hours in Langkawi!


There is no shortage of things to do over here and I instantly fell in love with the nature and beauty in Langkawi, Malaysia. As one of Malaysia’s best-known and more popular beach destinations, Langkawi is a great place for family, adventure seeker and nature lover! Here are the top best things to do here within 48 hours:



Stay in Resorts World Langkawi


Located in the tropical paradise of the Andaman Sea, Resorts World Langkawi is an excellent accommodation option if you’re traveling to the Jewel of Kedah, Langkawi. Resorts World Langkawi indeed offers a great retreat that is hard to resist, and have a well-deserving break from the hustle and bustle of the city life in Singapore. Waking up to see the gorgeous sea view from the balcony is such a great joy to me and everywhere I gaze, the beauty and tranquility of the island is surrounding me.



I got a nice, spacious and clean room with a great sea view from the balcony to unwind and rejuvenate. I am a strong believer in getting sufficient beauty sleep and a good night’s rest every night to begin every day in the right note.



Seeing the sun rise in all its glory from beyond the horizon is one of my favorite things to do and to admire Mother Nature in its full splendor. Resorts World Langkawi offers ocean-facing accommodation along the blue-green waters of Langkawi’s coast and you can be sure to see breathtaking beautiful sea and sunrise view from the room balcony.



Mangrove Tour at Geopark Langkawi


One of the best things to do in Langkawi is the Mangrove Tour and you can experience a truly unforgettable sights and experiences on this tour to the Kilim Nature Park. Spread over an area of 100 sq km, the fascinating mangroves of Langkawi features a beautiful mix of well-protected green mangrove forests, isolated white beaches and blue lagoons.


Photo Courtesy of Hannah Chia,

The Singapore Bloggers Glam Squad is all ready to set off for our Mangrove Tour!


Get ready to be astonished about what you will see as the boat cruises down the calm, winding river and you will observe the wonders of the marine ecosystem in Kilim Nature Park. Along the boat tour around Langkawi Geopark, we enjoy a spectacular view of unique limestone rock formations emerging from the floor of the mangrove swamp and seabed.



Among the highlights of this Mangrove tour is looking at beautiful wild fishes swimming and feeding these fishes. The fish is in black and yellow stripped, and the common name of this fish species is called the “Sergeant Major”.



Leaving away from the hectic pace in Singapore got me feeling in my lepak mode and to enjoy the serenity and beauty of Langkawi. I am glad that I have my Gaston Luga backpack with me on this media FAM trip to Resorts World Genting and Resorts World Langkawi and the backpack fits all my valuable items like camera, mobile phone and passport perfectly. You can read my product review on this amazing Gaston Luga backpack from this link here.



Langkawi should be on your travel bucket list and just like me, you will adore this floating adventure as much as I do at the Mangrove forest and have a fulfilling day looking up in awe of Mother Nature’s creations. Enjoying Mother Nature is wonderful, isn’t it?


Photo Courtesy of g0ldeng0h, Co-Founder of Trippin’ Creatives


For photography enthusiast, be sure to get your camera ready to capture these wildlife animals in their natural habitats. It is not easy to capture that perfect moment as these animals move fast and their most photo-worthy moments may only last seconds.



As mentioned before, the name of Langkawi came from two Malay worlds “helang” (eagle) and “kawi” (reddish brown) and you can understand easily how the origin of the name comes from when you see plenty of reddish brown eagles soaring free up in the sky around the island.


Sunset Cruise & BBQ Dinner at Andaman Sea

Photo Courtesy of Hannah Chia,


Another enjoyable activity to do with your friends in Resorts World Langkawi is the Sunset Cruise & BBQ Dinner at Andaman Sea. Special thanks to the arrangement by Resorts World Langkawi, the Singapore Bloggers Glam Squad get to venture off on a sunset cruise onboard Tropical Charters to have a memorable and entertaining night.


Got my cruise ticket ready for the exhilarating trip across the Andaman Sea! How exciting!


Free flow booze onboard and I cannot decide between beer and whisky. Alright, just have both then!



Moments of exhilaration as I perform a backflip off the boat and it is an amazing feeling to take a dip in the warm evening waters of the Andaman Sea.


Photo Courtesy of Wilson Wong, founder of WilzWorkz Photo & Travels


The Tropical Charters crew will roll out a net by the cruise for guests to enjoy this very own and unique Salt Water Jaccuzi. This Salt Water Jacuzzi adds a simple yet significant touch to the cruise ride for the guests to immerse themselves in the water while sipping on a glass of cocktail.



Music will fill the atmosphere with beats for guests to dance the night away as the yacht cruises around the deep blue sea in Langkawi. The crowd starts dancing and I couldn’t help but join them on the dance floor as I heard this familiar 1990s hit song “Macarena” playing. It is an epic night of fun and great dance party full of laughter onboard Tropical Charters.


Photo Courtesy of Hannah Chia,


What a beautiful evening cruising around the Andaman Sea as the golden sun sets on the horizon… It is a great pleasure to know and meet these social media influencers and once again, I am thankful for this media invitation by Resorts World Genting!


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