Swim with Whale Sharks in Oslob, Cebu

Written by Yee Ang


There are so many beautiful spots in the Philippines, and Boracay is one of the most popular beach destinations for Singaporeans as a travel destination. The Philippines has far more to offer beside heading to the Boracay for its picture-perfect sunsets on the beach. The Philippines archipelago comprises over more than 7000 islands and in fact, some of the most scenic destinations in the Philippines are lesser-known destinations and remains as hidden gems waiting to uncover by visitors. To the north east of Singapore, just about 4 hours flight away is a beautiful choice – Cebu. However, do take careful note of the weather as from the month of June to October is where heavy monsoon rains and typhoons hit and it will put a damper on your travel plans. Thereafter until the month of January, you will get to enjoy the “winter weather” of sunny days and with cool weather in the nights.



Cebu City is a bustling metropolis and is like any typical city with a wide variety of malls and hotels. When you arrive at Cebu, you may hence want to travel out of the city to soak in the beauty of its natural offerings. Just 4 hours on the road south of the city, you will enjoy an experience like no other in the municipal Oslob – swimming with the whale sharks!


Swimming with Whale Sharks in Oslob

My first thought about swimming with whale sharks is that these whale sharks sounds threatening and horrifying. A whale shark’s mouth is about 1.5m wide and they have rows of over 300 teeth, does this sound intimidating to you? Be rest assured that these whale sharks are actually gentle marine giants and these whale sharks are filter feeders, feeding on plankton, fish eggs and small sea creatures. When you book an experience to swim with them, you would be rowed out to sea on a wooden boat, which has supporting wooden sides you get on and off. There are also life vest and a snorkel given so you can keep your heads above the water, or you can dive down for a while to enjoy a longer view of these gentle marine giants. If you are not comfortable to swim with them, you can also opt to stay on the boat to view the whale sharks.


The Ruins of Oslob Cuartel


Oslob Old Church


When in Oslob, you will also find historical sites, like the Ruins of Oslob Cuartel. The Ruins of Oslob Cuartel is estimated to be hundreds of years old and is said to be used in the past as a station point to guard against pirates. The Ruins of Oslob Cuartel is next to another place of interest, the Oslob Old Church, which is one of the oldest churches in Cebu and holds the influence of Spanish architecture.


Camotes island

Camotes Island


Beside heading to Oslob, for those seeking a resort getaway, only a short ferry ride away from Cebu city would bring you off to a lovely beach resort. Camotes island is one of the gorgeous options, offering crystal clear waters by the beaches.  Just make your way to either Pier 1, Cebu City (shorter journey of less than 2 hours) or Danao city port (2 hours plus) to get your ferry tickets. At Camotes island, swimming at the beach along Santiago bay offers you clear blue waters and marine fish view. You can also chill, relax and have a picnic by the beach and enjoy the beautiful colours that Santiago bay has to offer.


For those who are more adventurous, there is cave swimming in Camotes island. At Timobo caves, you can enjoy cool, clear waters with some lighting provided from bulbs hanging around the cave walls. There are natural sights to offer at Lake Danao, where you boat on the lake and do a boating tour around, or just take a scenic walk around. With the nice weather coming up in the next 2 months, you may wish to start planning for a trip to Cebu and get your travel accompaniments ready for Cebu for its nature and water adventures.



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