Why being healthy on holiday isn’t as difficult as you think

Written by Luke Stewart


If you’re struggling to find a healthy balance when travelling, rest assured it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. With some simple tips and tricks, you’ll stay in shape for the duration of your holidays – here are just some reasons why being healthy is surprisingly easy.


You can eat treats – but in moderation

If you’re trying to keep fit on holiday, don’t feel the need to avoid any form of sweet treat or big meal. So long as it doesn’t become a frequent thing, there’s no harm in indulging in the local cuisine once a while. Sure, a pizza in Rome might be 1,000 calories – but you can burn if off and balance it out with healthier options during the rest of your trip.


We all give into temptation once in a while, so don’t torture yourself by missing out on the finest local food. Sampling local cuisines is one of the most effective ways to authentically experience the culture of your location.


Some forms of exercise are surprisingly effective

Planning on doing a spot of swimming during your travels? It’s actually one of the most effective exercises there is. You’ll be using muscles that are usually underworked, as well as training in both cardio and strength – not to mention the psychological benefits alongside this.


Even yoga is incredibly beneficial when travelling. If you’ve got a lot of pent up stress you’re needing to release, yoga is the best way to do it. And if you’re not one to take time out of your day and exercise, so long as you’ve got some comfortable shoes, opt to walk from A to B to trim your body fat and keep you active.


There’s equipment you can fit in your case

If you’re a gym bunny, rest assured there are plenty of ways to keep you exercising during your holidays. Fitness equipment doesn’t always have to be big and bulky – consider bringing a skipping rope. Afterall, just 10 minutes of skipping a day is more effective cardio than 30 minutes of running.


And, so long as they don’t weigh your luggage down excessively, dumbbells are a great companion for a workout. Incorporate them into your morning routine to improve the strength of your bones, add a bit of resistance training to the exercise and to give your body that extra bit of burn.


Drinking enough water helps your metabolism

It’s important to drink water regardless, especially when in a hot climate – it’s easy to become quickly dehydrated when the sun’s beating down on you, and if you’re walking around exploring your surroundings, you might forget to keep drinking. Mild dehydration, as highlighted by Shape, is enough to slow your metabolism down by at least 3%.


The recommended intake is at least two litres a day, and if you keep this up, your metabolism will thank you for it. Water gets it going at a faster and healthier rate, leaving you with the opportunity to try those aforementioned local delicacies without having to worry about their effects.


…as does snacking between meals – to an extent


It’s a good idea to indulge in some healthy snacks between meals to curb your hunger and prevent you from going overboard when it comes to the next meal. When exerting energy whilst travelling, you’ll likely be hungrier than usual as your body craves nutrients.


Consider snacking on things like almonds, grapes and yogurt for a quick supply of nutrition that will keep you going until dinnertime. This way, you’ll avoid the ravenous indulgence for a rumbling stomach might crave.


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