5 Biggest Travel Mistakes & How to Avoid Them


From when to buy travel insurance to avoiding fake websites, check out this great guide by online travel insurer Budget Direct Insurance Singapore.


Booking through a fake website

Don’t be tempted to book cheap flights online without checking the authenticity of the website. How do you do this?


  • Type the website’s name into a search engine to review results. This should immediately throw up any red flags.
  • Look at the website’s connection type. If it has ‘https’ it’s generally more secure.


Don’t offer personal or financial details until you are sure that your purchase is secure.


Get travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday

Here’s why.

Around 50 per cent of travel insurance claims are due to cancellation. If you don’t buy early then you could find yourself left high and dry. Most policies will cover you when you cancel due to the following:


  • Either you, your family or travel companion becomes ill
  • Your tour operator goes bust
  • Civil unrest. Think Thailand
  • Epidemic outbreak such as Zika or SARS
  • All flights grounded due to bad weather such as haze


Not allowing enough time for travel connections

Be overly cautious. Aim to reach the airport at least two hours before take off. Allow time for traffic delays on the way to the airport. Check in online to save time. Make sure you’re heading to the right airport as certain cities have multiple airports. Bangkok, for instance, has two major airports! Confirm your Terminal and how to get there. Some require a complicated journey via bus or train. Remember your travel insurance won’t cover you for any delays that are your fault.


Taking too much cash

Don’t take a lot more cash than necessary. It’s easy to lose when you’re tired or distracted. Remember pick pockets also target tourists. Avoid changing money at airports as the currency exchange isn’t the best. It’s best to use credit cards but obviously with care. These tend to give you a better rate than paying by debit card or cash. Paying in the local currency tends to work out cheaper too.


Over packing before flying

Pack light. You may have to get luggage into a car with a small boot, or transfer to a hotel or onto a train. The less you have to carry, the less chance of a bag being lost or breaking during transit. If you’re planning to shop then pack at least 3 kg less than your allocated weight. It’s not cheap to pay for extra baggage allowance.


Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember it’s vital to have good Travel insurance cover.
Go to www.budgetdirect.com.sg

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