5 Plumbing Tips to Consider Before Vacation


Written by Andreea Paulsen

Vacation planning is largely focused on the trip ahead and what to explore and enjoy once you reach your destination. However, you should never forget to take care of a few simple and smaller arrangements before you leave your home. These five plumbing tips are useful to consider before leaving on your next vacation.


Check for leaks

You should do a complete check for leaks before you leave, including all of the pipes, the drains, the toilets and other plumbing appliances. If you do find leakages once you are back home, you can check out these tips on how to repair a leaking pipe in Singapore.


Prevent unpleasant odours

Almost nothing will make you feel more unwelcome home than having to return to an unpleasant smelling house. You can prevent the foul odour that can emanate from the drains by cleaning the garbage disposal and the pipes before you leave. There are plenty of solutions for this, with on-hand ingredients like vinegar mixes, or ice cubes and cold water for the garbage disposal.


A general visual check-up

The pipes are the first culprits for leakages and you should check them separately. However, before you leave, make sure to visually inspect the washing machine hoses, water heater, the fridge and other items. There should be no water on the floor and no other signs of leaks. This is a good prevention tip on any occasion, not just on vacation.


Shut down the water heater

It is usually recommended to turn off  the water heater, as you will not be using it for a longer period. Some models have a “vacation” option that will put them in a low-power mode or will cut consumption altogether.


Shut down the main water supply

This is important if you will be away from home for a longer period. By doing this, you are preventing any water from entering your home and plumbing system, thus avoiding any leakage. An important step if shutting down the main water valve is to empty all the faucets.


Some homeowners will choose to leave an emergency contact list with a friend or neighbour, should anything come up while they are away. You can contact a reliable plumbing contractor in Singapore if you are having any type of plumbing issues once you are back from your vacation.


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