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Photo Courtesy of Vivonne Soong, General Manager at Zenxin Travel


Over this past year, I have been fortunate enough to be invited on several media trips and it is definitely an astonishing year of sponsored travel for me. It is my honor and a privilege to be invited to this pilot 4D3N Sincere Food Trail trip to Cameron Highlands & Ipoh by Zenxin Travel. For the first time ever, Zenxin Travel is leading an exclusive trip to witness the fruit of labour of Zenxin certified organic farms up on Cameron Highlands.



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Incorporated in year 2010, Zenxin Travel is set up to fulfil Zenxin’s mission to support Eco-tourism, bringing visitors to farms which support organic farming and living. As a licensed traveling agency in Singapore, coupled with organic farming experience for more than 2 decades, the traveling experts at Zenxin Travel strive to provide exciting gourmet trips and agro-cultural experiences which are unique and exclusive for the guests.






Tea Plantation in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia


The Cameron Highlands is situated in Pahang, West Malaysia and is Malaysia’s largest and best-known hill resort. Nestling within the borders of Pahang and Perak province are Cameron Highlands and over here, you will love the crisp mountain air of Cameron Highlands and the beautiful mountain landscape filled with aromatic scent of fruits, vegetables and flowers. Breathing in the crisp mountain air is like an invitation to rejuvenation with your bodies and minds feel renewed in the lush greenery landscape of Cameron Highlands. Standing 1500m above sea level, Cameron Highlands enjoy a year-long cooling climate and it is the major origin of food for both Malaysia and Singapore. There are numerous places of interests worth visiting that will captivate you to plan a trip to Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands.



  • Zenxin Organic Farm


One of the main attraction highlight that we have visited is Zenxin Organic Farm. I have never been on a farm before and it is an eye opener for me to learn more about how our food sources come about and how plants are the primary source of food. With Zenxin Travel, we have exclusive access to Zenxin Organic Farms and get to the source of our food origin! Zenxin Organic Farms are organically-certified and has undergone stringent certification checks from National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA).



Since 2011, Zenxin Organic Food has supplied over 100 types of organic fruits and vegetables, and over 400 kind of healthy, sustainable grains and spices in Asia.



You may be asking this question…

“What is Certified Organic Food?” 


Certified Organic Food do not contain GMOs, hormone growth promotants, chemical fertilisers, fungicides and pesticides as well as synthetic fertilisers.



I love how engaging the tour in Zenxin Organic Farm is and that we have hands-on experience in harvesting these fresh vegetables.


Work hard, Work hard! A day in the life of a Farmer! Farming is hardwork! 


Don’t I look like a happy farmer with a big cabbage harvested?



Mr Tai Seng Yee, Executive Director of Zenxin Agri-Organic Food Singapore is sharing with us that Zenxin organic farms strictly abide by the 4 Principles of Organic Agriculture.



The four principles of organic agriculture: Health, Ecology, Fairness & Care and these principles are the roots from which Organic Agriculture grows and develops.



I guess after a day of hard work in the farm and with our hungry stomach growling, we are all very looking forward to lunch and savor the fruit of our labor that we have harvested from the farm. I must say that organic vegetables just taste a lot better!


BOH Tea Plantation


Cameron Highlands is the largest tea-growing region in Malaysia and you can make a visit to one of the main tea plantation, i.e. BOH Tea Plantation. BOH is the largest black tea manufacturer in Malaysia and for tea lovers, don’t forget to savor a cup of the Palas Supreme black tea, one of the best-selling teas at BOH’s original tea shop. This is their signature tea and is a cup bursting with strong and robust flavor.


Panorama view of Boh Tea Plantation


Posing with the Jeep that took all of us up to BOH Tea Plantation


Just me, spending a lazy afternoon in midst of the blissfully cool and greenery of Cameron Highlands


The breathtaking views of the natural surroundings in BOH Tea Plantation are also perfect for taking your Instagram-worthy photos. You will find yourself so engrossed in admiring the hilly and green landscape without noticing that time is passing by.



You can also learn more about your favorite beverage through the guided factory tour, where you can see the 5 stages of tea-making process at BOH Tea Plantation. For avid tea enthusiast, you will be delighted to know that there is a wide selection of tea options to choose from at the BOH’s original tea shop.


Mossy Forest


Another popular tourist attractions to visit in Cameron Highlands is Mossy Forest. The Mossy Forest is a nature preservation at the highest elevations of Cameron Highlands and a tour into Mossy Forest will reveal some of the exotic floras on earth like the pitcher plants.


Photo Courtesy of Li Ai Jesslyn,


Photo Courtesy of Li Ai Jesslyn,


You will find large number of mosses, fern allies and other interesting unique sights of exotic floras in Mossy Forest. The trek up to Mossy forest is simple and the trail within Mossy Forest is paved and comprises of proper wooden steps. The trekking experience is great with nice cooling weather condition and it is an easy trek suitable for all ages.


Cameron Organic Produce Steamboat Restaurant


Steamboat is popular in Cameron Highlands because of the cold weather. One of the worthy steamboat restaurants to try is Cameron Organic Produce Steamboat Restaurant and the restaurant boasts itself in serving fresh organic produce.



Cameron Organic Produce Steamboat is one of the few steamboat restaurants in Cameron Highlands that use traditional charcoal instead of conventional gas stove for the steamboat.


We love our satisfying dinner at Cameron Organic Produce Steamboat!


It is a pleasure to be having hot steamboat dinner on a cool night and this steamboat meal is sure to warm you up and leave you feeling satisfied. I will recommend all to eat here when you are in Cameron Highlands.




Please stay tuned with my next blog post on my travel guide to Ipoh with Zenxin Travel.


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