Around Europe in 18 Days as a Solo Female Traveller – Day 3 in Rome, Italy

Arriving in Rome by Airplane


Over the years, I found out what I do best and that is, to travel. All my friends are moving forward in their career path, working full-time jobs, or settling down and what am I doing with my life? Young, free and single. Luckily, not that…totally broke yet. Regarding my financial situation, I shall keep it hush to myself.


A year ago, I make that big decision to leave my day job despite having varied opinions that I should stay on. “Have you thought of your resume? blah..blah..blah..” Truth is, I am doing better than I ever have by concentrating on my own growth. Do not get easily swayed by others and not be influenced. Because the only person who can make that decision for you is you. Spending lesser time in replying boh liao (boredom) messages mean I can spend my time more wisely in reading, acquiring new skills to keep myself abreast.


The point that I want to emphasise here is… “Concentrate on yourself”.


Trevi Fountain


No matter what kind of trip you take, the fear of the unknown is a very natural feeling and you will go through a myriad of emotions before, during and after your adventure. Excitement is obviously one of these emotions! Ah, the adrenaline rush of thrill!


That is me, throwing coins in to the Trevi Fountain. The Trevi Fountain is one of Rome’s most well-known monuments and the throwing of coins into the Trevi Fountain in Rome is a popular ritual that many tourists from round the globe love to take part in.


When in Rome, toss a coin into Trevi Fountain


One of the main reasons why tourists love to visit Trevi Fountain is that the Trevi Fountain has appeared in so many movies such as the iconic “Roman Holiday” and “Three Coins in the Fountain”. Inspired by the scenes from the movies, tourists throw coins into the fountain and throwing coins into the Trevi Fountain is actually to do with romance.


The tradition of throwing coins into the Trevi Fountain as demonstrated in the movie, “Three Coins in the Fountain”,


A coin thrown in Trevi Fountain is said to ensure the comeback to Rome

Two coins thrown ensure romance with a Roman (either male or female)

Three coins thrown ensure the marriage with him or her 


I think… I must have thrown two coins in the fountain. & I am immediately blessed by the fountain to seek happiness… 


The Roman waiter at the alfresco restaurant give me this beautiful stalk of rose and it definitely makes my heart flutter. I cannot deny that I almost accepted the invitation from him to go out for drinks in Rome. Because yes, he is quite a cutie. So romantic, right? But nope, yup, nope so there goes this chance romantic encounter in Rome.


The moral of the story is to share do not throw so many coins into Trevi Fountain. Throwing one coin is good enough! LOL.


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  • Shanice December 14, 2017 at 12:20 am

    Hi! Love really your travel blog! Looking forward to the rest of your 18days europe itinerary 🙂


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