Best Winter Destination To Take This Holiday Season

“I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”



CHRISTMAS is more often than not known a season traditionally associated with the idyllic snow-covered scene and for those of you dreaming of a white Christmas, here is where I am suggesting that you can fly off to for your fill of Santa and other seasonal treats. And yes, United States of America! America is second to none for winter snowy fun.


The cold weather is finally here and take your adventure to the next level by embarking on a winter wonderland-style trip. Head to California, located on the west coast of United States for your best winter getaway to take this holiday season. Your best winter experiences are just a read away!



California is the largest US state by population, situated on the western coast of United States. Home to numerous iconic landmarks such as the world-renowned Golden Gate Bridge, whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, California offers something for everyone.


Winter temperates are cool to mild in most of the major cities in California, except in the high mountains and in the far northern part of the state such as Lake Tahoe. At the high altitudes, especially in the region of Sierra Nevada Mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe, it can become very cold with extensive snowfalls.


Top Things To Do and See in California, United States


#1. Rent a Car

Your trip to California is going to be the highlight of the year. With many unique attractions and amazing road trips such as 17-Mile Drive, a scenic road through Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove on the Monterey Peninsula in California, renting a car is necessary for the long road trip.




It was choices between Ford Mustang GT Premium and Chevy Camaro SS Convertible. My personal preference is convertible and without a doubt, it is the Chevy Camaro SS Convertible as I simply love the wind going through my hair!



Don’t worry! No one was injured despite I was the chick behind the wheels. You only lived once, that’s the motto but my motto that I abide to is,


“Travel the world.

Be free.

YOLO responsibly.”


#2. Bike the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco


The world-renowned Golden Gate Bridge is a great spot to enjoy the Bay and biking across the Golden Gate Bridge is a thrilling experience. Cyclists have free access to the East and West sidewalks 24 hours a day.


Bike the Golden Gate Bridge!


My last visit to San Francisco was in March 2013 and I felt nothing much has changed. The city is as beautiful as ever and remains one of my most favourite places I have been to. I have so many fond memories of San Francisco and how I will get hype up to fly to San Francisco.


My Indonesian crew friend Fatty and Me @ Seoul in 2011.


One of my crew friends remembers we flew together on my first flight to San Francisco in 2011 and contacted me after seeing my Instagram story. We flew together on a four sector flight SIN-ICN-SFO-SIN and she is now happily married with children. For me? I am forever back to square one and still single.


Me @ Golden Gate Bridge. Taken in March’13


Me @ Golden Gate Bridge. Taken in Nov’17


I believe I can be buay paiseh (literally translated as not shy) to say that I have kept myself in shape and appearance. Do I look that I have not aged over the years? Alright, please do not puke out your meal if you are reading this somewhere from your desk or blah.



Here I am back in San Francisco taking up the same challenge as what was similarly seen 4 years ago to bike the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a 13km bike ride from Fisherman’s Wharf to the Ferry Pier in Sausalito. The entire cycling journey will take about 2 to 3 hours and your muscles will sore at the end if you have not been on a bike for a while.


#3. Scenic 17-Mile Drive


17-Mile Drive is one of America’s most scenic drives and is a winding road that leads through an exclusive neighborhood and past scenic coastal views to the famed Pebble Beach. Make sure you get a map from the gate to know where are the 21 points of interest along the route. The route offers breathtaking views of the ocean from white sandy beaches to dramatic coastal cliffs, this scenic drive is well worth the entrance fee of US$10.25 into Pebble Beach Resorts and 17-Mile Drive.



There are parking zones where you can stop and get out of the car to capture your Instagram-worthy photos. Do not miss taking pictures with the beautiful landscape and for truly unforgettable views, make your pit stop near the coastal areas.



If you spend a day on 17-Mile Drive in Pebble Beach, but do not post a photo on Instagram? That’s impossible! 17-Mile Drive is perhaps one of the most picturesque drives in the world. You may want to stir up a little Instagram-feed envy among your followers and friends with your Instagram-worthy pictures.



#4. Visit Monterey Bay Aquarium


Monterey Bay Aquarium is a well-known aquarium located at the ocean’s edge Cannery Row, your window to marine life to visit sea otters, penguins, sharks and many more marine animals.



The million-gallon Open Sea community exhibit contains a school of Pacific sardines that is bound to capture your attention. The aquarium is filled with awe-inspiring life exhibits and fun-filled family activities. Children will love the range of aquatic habitat and encounter with the marine animals.



Dreamy drifters 


Another life marine exhibits in Monterey Bay Aquarium that catches my eye is the dreamy drifters. The stunning and stinging jellyfish ranks among earth’s most beautiful creatures and you will enjoy the mesmerising display of these calming creatures cruise the currents.



When I am a little girl, I have an irrational fear of aquariums and I never like the idea of walking through one of those underwater tunnels at underwater world. I will be the first one to run out to the exit during our family visit to the underwater world. The mysterious underwater world frightens me and so when I am able to check off my bucket list of scuba diving at Sanya, there is an elated sense of self-achievement.


#5. Visit Christmas in the Park


Christmas to me is the most beautiful time of the year with lights filling the streets spreading joy to everyone. Christmas in the Park in an annual holiday tradition that takes place in the heart of Downtown San Jose. The park at Plaza de Cesar Chavez is transformed into a holiday fantasy with musical and animated exhibits. I felt like a child again at Christmas in the Park and the spectacular display of Christmas decoration put me in a wonderful festive mood.


Taken at Champs-Elysées Christmas Market in Dec’2011


The time spent at Christmas in the Park reminded me of the wonderful memories I had spent overseas during Christmas. I especially miss the Christmas Market in Paris! A photo of a very unglamorous me with my two crew friends Ashraf and Jackie during my first visit to Paris in 2011, taken at Champs-Elysées Christmas Market. The photo does look unglamorous but it is a genuine display of how joy look like when you’re enjoying yourself.



Okay lah, I am happy as long I do not get stuck in Singapore for too long. So….Say yeah! and be your gorgeous self!


Please stay tuned for Part 2! 

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