Around Europe in 18 Days as a Solo Female Traveller – Day 4 in Rome, Italy & Vatican City


Italy is not new to me and I have visited Italy 3 times before in total, namely to

  1. Milan
  2. Venice
  3. Verona
  4. Lake Como


Italy is a charming country, and most Italians are very friendly. The only two Italian words that I can murmur out are “Ciao” (Hi) and “Buongiorno” (Good Day). Despite the language barrier, I was still able to navigate around the country with much ease. It might seem daunting and impossible to travel to a country as a foreign traveler who does not speak the local tongue, but remembers how much of the world progresses and learns English.


Rome is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and earns her nickname as “The Eternal City” for excellent reasons. The Eternal City has a very long history that spans millennia and there is so much to see and learn about its rich culture of Ancient Rome. Many filmmakers have capitalised on the beauty of Rome to shoot movies in the Eternal City and this is presumably why so many landmarks will look familiar to you when you visit the Eternal City.


All Roads Lead To Rome


It is never an easy walking distance to Rome, nevertheless, I reach within for my inner strength to persevere and make my trip to Europe a worthwhile one. The muscle strain on my legs for walking long distances are rewarded with the magnificent sight of the ancient Roman architecture. With a love of travel and regular old curiosity,  I am completely unstoppable and restlessness for as the wanderlust genes is deeply embedded in me. I am just born to travel… My hunger to explore simply cannot be quenched, no matter how many journeys I have taken. It is never enough.


Here are top things to do and see in Rome if you are planning a visit to the Eternal City.


Visit Colosseum

Pardon me for looking aloof as I make myself look standing tall beside the impressive Colosseum. *Lol*


The Colosseum is also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, is the largest amphitheatre ever built in the centre of the city of Rome, Italy. The ancient amphitheatre is now used as a major tourist attraction in Rome with many thousands of tourists each year paying to view the interior arena. The Colosseum is popular with tourists coming from around the world and if you want to go inside to the interior area, you can buy an advance ticket to skip the line.


The Vatican City

Saint Peter’s Basilica 


Novel fans of Angels and Demons will find the various attractions in Vatican City familiar as the book written by Dan Brown is set in Rome and the Vatican City. Following in the footsteps of Robert Langdon in the novel Angels & Demons, I visited some of the most beautiful and picturesque sites in the Eternal City. Vatican City is a tiny sovereign independent state and home to the Pope. Saint Peter’s Basilica, one of the world’s largest church is featured prominently in the movie. Entrance to Saint Peter’s Basilica is free to the public, however, you will have to reserve ahead for a guided tour to make a visit to the Vatican excavations, the necropolis beneath Saint Peter’s Basilica where part of the movie takes place.



The grandeur of Saint Peter’s Basilica is indisputably as beautiful as how it has been portrayed on the film. Saint Peter’s Basilica, the ultimate symbol of the Vatican, is one of the most beautiful buildings in Rome and it is also simply fascinating! I have been to many catherdals around the world but the long history of controversy behind Saint Peter’s Basilica has intrigued me. Built with skill and attention to detail, the site of Saint Peter’s Basilica will leave you in a state of “wow”. The experience of just stepping foot into the church is eye-opening and you cannot help but be intrigued by every piece of artful objects in Saint Peter’s Basilica.


The mandatory selfie at Saint Peter’s Basilica to mark my visit


You will not regret a visit to this beautiful and perfectly built Late Renaissance Church. Saint Peter’s Basilica is located inside the walls of the Vatican City and to this day, the church retains its sophisticated beauty. The long incredible history of Saint Peter’s Basilica and alluring aesthetic interior make it a famous attraction for visitors of all ages and interests.



The Pantheon


The word Pantheon is a Greek adjective meaning “honor all Gods” and the Pantheon was first built as a temple to all gods. The breathtaking pantheon is a remarkable building to see and make a visit when you are in the Eternal City. The church is the best preserved Ancient Roman monument and it remains as a mystery how the Pantheon survive the barbarian raids when all the rest of Roman monuments had been shattered. Admission to the Pantheon is free, however, expect to queue.



*Please note (Just for laughter) – I am not trying to imitate Fong Fei-Fei, the singer who often referred to as the “Queen of Hats” I wore a hat to protect myself from the blazing sunlight. 






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